~ Yummy mummy survival kit~

Last week me and my good friend Samara caught up and she gave me this (very belated) Christmas present. What with her busy working schedule and my baby brain that was the first time we got a chance to catch up since the holidays and we really shouldn’t leave it so long again!

Samara’s really thoughtful when it comes to gifts and this was no exception!

Introducing you to the ~Yummy Mummy Survival Kit~

photo 2-24

photo 4-14

I┬áknow the picture above isn’t great so here’s a breakdown of what’s included and why:

*A tissue for the emotional moments

*A bouncy ball as there will be ups and downs

*Sparkly confetti – Motherhood will make you shine

*Rubber band – flexibility is the key

*Tea bag – Take the time to refresh and relax

*A peg for those nappy changing times

*Guardian Angel to keep your family safe

*A pencil to record the memories made

*Cotton wool to protect your little one

*A penny as every penny counts

photo 3-19

She also got me this lovely delicate tiny feet charm. It instructs to make a wish before you tie the knot. Of course I can’t reveal my wish but as you can imagine it’s for Rabbit!

photo 1-23

What a lovely and thoughtful gift for a muma to be. The things in the kit are so simple and yet they have so much meaning.


Thanks Samara! xxx





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