Ok so it may have only really been the word of Thursday, and possibly this afternoon but the sudden presence of Mr Sunshine really made my week!

Yesterday I had Rhys for the day so we spent pretty much the whole time outside. It really does make you feel good to be outdoors, feeling the warm breeze on your skin and the fresh air in your lungs! Plus it’s just nice not to have to wrap up and wear so many layers anymore!

I decided to get out in the garden and do a spot of gardening while Rhys enjoyed his slide …photo 2-39Excuse the fence in the background, it blew down during the storms but got replaced today 🙂

photo 1-35Ooh it’s very bright! I need to get Rhys a little sunhat for next time 🙂


Look who I found amongst the flowers ……

photo 4-20

Rhys thought he’d have a go at some gardening too!photo 3-26

Being pregnant I’ve been trying to get in lots of walks but really unless I have Rhys or I pop over to see my niece and nephew I don’t tend to go for any. It’s a real shame because we live less than a 2 minute walk from the sea in Hamble which is just beautiful!

photo 2-40

I think it’s because I don’t want to go on my own, plus when I have Rhys I have the pushchair to lean on to help me up the hills haha

Here’s Rhys parked up by the boats. He’d just had a lick of ice-cream hence the funny face!photo 5-15


Here’s hoping for a sun-filled weekend 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂