I’ve just stumbles across a really great new linky that I think is a perfect way to reflect upon and sum up your week. It’s called Word of the week over at The Reading Residence.

As you can tell by the title, you simply need to sum it up with a word – but I think it can actually be a very difficult task. Days vary, some are hectic, some are calm, some are boring … you catch my drift.

So I’ve taken a little while to think about it and I’ve come up with a word to describe not how my week has been but how my week should have been … more like a plan for next week really …


I mentioned in my 34 week bumpdate post that I was feeling quite overwhelmed with all I still need to do. I haven’t got my hospital bag sorted, or little Rabbits. I still need a changing bag and I’m constantly finding new things in and around the house to add to my to-do list. I know it’s all part of nesting, but it’s made me feel a little bit exhausted.

My fiancé Pete is great, and is always telling me to just take the time to relax, but when I sit on the sofa for 5 minutes I end up picking up my laptop and before I know it a day of belongings gone by! Nothing wrong with this but it then piles up every other task I have to do into a mad rush before bed time.

So I’ve been thinking about the ways that I can relax and here are my top 4 that I’m going to try and incorporate everyday:

1 – Lists

Now I know this sounds a bit hypocritical after saying that my long to-do lists are making me feel overwhelmed; but at the same time they relax me. Writing them makes me feel in control, I know what I need to do, how and when by. Getting the tasks done, well thats a different story. Ticking the to-do’s off the list, that’s like tea and biscuits for me … heaven!

2 – Brisk walk

As Rabbit is currently back to back I’ve been trying to flip him over by crawling around like a cat and bouncing on the exercise ball. I’ve not actually been doing any proper exercise though, so my plan now is to go for a walk a day. Even if it’s just to the seafront and back (10 min round trip) just to get some fresh air, get me out of my pi’s and get my endorphins going a little. This should also help me to relax at home and not feel so wired before sleep time.

3  – Bubble bath

A bath seems to be the best pain relief for me. I get quite a lot of growing pains as well as a bad lower back and a bath always seems to do the job. It’s relieves my pain so much that I’m choosing to have a water birth (providing Rabbit turns in time).  My problem however is that I lay in the relaxing bath, and use my phone to browse twitter and write posts. I need to leave the phone outside, light some candles and just enjoy the water for all it’s glory!

4 – Natal hypnotherapy

This has really been helping me to feel excited about labour. I’m going to post about it properly closer to my due date but that little 35 minutes of total relaxation that I give myself 3 times a week is setting the way for what I hope to be a calm and pleasurable labour!

Also, this weekend I have my best friend Paige over for a girly night and Sunday is my baby shower so a great chance to see all my good friends and family and just focus on my pregnancy and little Rabbit.

How do you find the time to relax?

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