Before you think I’m one of those kooky mums who is planning on naming her unborn baby after an animal or a vegetable, I’m going to explain to you that you are only half correct.

Don’t get me wrong I hate the crazy names that can only bring shame and sniggers to your little one as much as the next sane woman does. I mean, if you need to explain the babies name straight after telling it to someone then you really can’t be surprised at the awkward smirk you receive.

“i’m naming my baby lollypop ….. because me and my partner both like lolly’s” No, sorry I’m not buying it.

Anyway … as much as I hate the crazy names, what I HATE even more is referring to my baby as ‘IT’. So from the minute I found out I was pregnant, baby was named Pea; mainly because thats the size that my the Bump pregnancy app told me baby was at the time.

sweet pea.ashx

Pea was cute and people seemed to understand who I was talking about without looking at me like I had gone crazy!

Then we went to our first scan, and although Pea only looked like, well, a pea, the whole scan and the way that it was taken resembled a rabbit! Rabbit is the tiny dot that looks like the pupil of the eye! Check it out.

Our 5 week scan in Dubai!


I’ve even made a lovely comparison to a real life rabbit for those of you who are unconvinced…


The real rabbit is the one on the top incase you are so amazed by the likeness and unsure as to which one is which!

So there you have it, how are baby has gone from It to Pea to Rabbit. Hopefully after the next scan we will know what we’re having and can chose a real life girl or boy name ….. or perhaps Rabbit will stick?

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