If you read my previous post -‘What’s in my hospital bag?‘ then you’ll know that I like to pack mine and babies things into two separate bags. This is mainly because it makes it easier when trying to find items. Yes you could be super organised and have everything in it’s place in separate pockets and compartments but when you’re screaming at your husband to get you the damn face cooling spray you don’t want him flinging baby bears tiny socks and muslins around the room to find it. Trust me, it’s so much easier to have babies hospital bag separately.

It also means less pressure if you arrive at the hospital in a hurry as you can just grab your bag and let your partner get babies once their born. Then once baby is here you can take your bag off to the toilets without having to take babies bits out incase they have a poop explosion while you’re showering.

I used my Storksak Noa Navy changing bag which I was very kindly by Storksak themselves. It was sent with the intention to be a changing bag for when baby boy arrives or even for use with Jasper beforehand but I thought it would be perfect for hospital as it’s a dark colour and made from a wipe clean material – perfect if it’ll be sat on a hospital floor or at risk of being near a sicky/ pooping baby! It’s also the perfect size and has a good amount of pockets. One thing I especially love about it is that there’s a little mini organiser bag that fits inside perfectly inside that you can take out. I popped babies toiletries in there so that if myself or hubby needed to change him we had it all in one place and didn’t have to route through clothes and muslins to get to nappies and bags.



*Nappies x 10

*Cotton pads and (optional) bowl for water for nappy changing

*Baby wipes – If you choose to use wipes then something extra gentle like Naty or Water Wipes

*Nappy bags – Great for soiled nappies as well as clothes

*Sudocrem – Just in case they get a sore bottom




*2x short sleeved vests

*2x long sleeved vests

*2x sleep suits






*Changing mat – Most changing bags come with one

*Muslin – Perfect for wiping up any milk or sick and also for covering up when feeding

*Swaddle – Again great for covering when feeding

*Blanket – Cellular ones are fab for keeping baby warm while being breathable

*Car seat – Leave this in the car until you’re ready to take baby home


I mentioned in my ‘What’s in my hospital bag?‘ post, that I’d been sent a few items from the Essential Bag Company; who create both pre-made and build your own hospital bags. You can choose anything from a luxury bag pre-filled with all of your essentials and treats; to simply choosing a couple of bits and bobs that you need to add to your own bag. I reviewed the service and chose a few bits for bambino including his little toiletries and some of his first clothes! As mentioned earlier the bag that I used was sent to me by Storksak but the Essential Bag Company do stock that particular bag among other gorgeous Storksak, Pacapod and Babymel changing bags. They also feature fab brands including Burts Bees, Petit Bateau, Skiphop and Sophie La Giraf; and not only cater to ‘labour day’ but also create bags for new big brothers and sisters, mums to be and even for dads!

To see all of the items I packed for bambino please do check out my video below!



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