Babies First Steps – for real this time!

I posted a little while back that Jasper had taken a couple of steps (while I was away sob sob) and since then he’s pretty much stayed the same. He’s maybe taken 3 or 4 but crawling and cruising has been his favourite way of getting around and I was starting to think he’d never just take the leap and let go of the sofa!

Well last week, there must have been something in the air (except for hideous humidity) as the little sprog took 28 steps! He then couldn’t stop, he walked everywhere, hysterically laughing the whole way! He steadied himself, he stopped and started, he stood from sitting without holding on to anything to pull himself up. I swear he’s been practising in private as I feel like he’s gone from zero to one hundred in a no time.

I’m so so proud of him and so excited at the thought of him walking down the aisle at our wedding.┬áHere’s last weeks blog )we’ve decided to give weekly logging a go now) and it features lots of little man steps!

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