Is it weird that if I think Jaspers hungry I put my nose to his mouth to see if he’ll suck it?

How about that I like to lick his head and rub my cheek on his hair because his hair is so silky and soft?

One of my favourite things to do is snuffle my nose in the creases of his neck like a hedgehog … is that normal?

Is it weird that I’d eat his poo? Not on a normal day but if it was a dare I’d have no qualms doing it – his poo is as perfect as him!

Does it make me strange because I wipe his bogies and his dribble on my trousers with no second thoughts?

How about the fact that I pick his nose and bite his fingernails?

I’m thinking it’s pretty normal to have a nickname for your baby but to call Jasper Rabbit, Monsieur Squishy Pants, Mr Squish, Poppet, Grumpy face and Squidge – is that normal or am I going to have one confused baby boy?

Is it weird that I kind of like that 3 people have thought Jasper was a girl?

Is it weird that I’ve dreamt about him every night since he’s been born? Some nice dreams, but most ones where I worry about him.

I put Jasper in his swinging chair in the bathroom while I have a shower or bath so I can see him all of the time … that’s normal right?

I’m hoping this is normal, but is it weird that I hear him crying when I’m in the shower, hoovering or have music on even though I know that he’s not crying?

Jasper pooped on me and my only reaction was to smile and love him even more … that can’t be normal can it?

There have been so many occasions since becoming a mummy that I think make me a little bit weird but they also make me feel extremely happy, proud and grateful for a perfect little Mr Squishy!

Please tell me that being weird is normal? I’d love to hear some of the ways that mummyhood has made you weird … I need to feel a little more normal lol


Thanks for reading xxx