Busy Autumn weekends

Weekends for me and both cherished and dreaded. That must sound a little crazy but they really do bring such mixed emotions for me. On one hand I can’t wait for them to come around; for lazy mornings, Pete to be with me all day err-day, to have quality time as the five of us and to get things done around the house. On the other hand; they make me anxious; three kids means a lot of mess, a lot of stuff to pack for days out and a lot of human beings to get ready and take care of.  It may be an extra load of fun but it’s also an extra load of sulking, tantrums and washing to contend with! Along with ‘I love seeing the boys together’, there’s also a lot of ‘right you get the baby and the bags in the car and I’ll get the boys in … wait did you pack enough clothes for every eventuality for three kids? nope? me neither … ‘ – every trip is a military operation; or at least we make it one … perhaps we don’t need to; but them just our luck one of the boys would wet themselves or fall in a puddle and we’d be caught short!

We don’t have any set structure to our weekends which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s wonderful to get so much quality time in but then we are all so exhausted come Sunday evening. It’s actually gotten to the point where my Monday blues start on a Sunday morning. I wake up feeling crappy knowing that it’s our last day of the weekend before routine starts again and Pete’s back to work. I wonder where the weekend has gone; what we’ve actually achieved and kick myself for not getting past my ‘weekend to-do list’.

I then snap myself out of it; flick through my pictures to see what beautiful memories we’ve made and cherish the rest of the weekend before we’re all snuggled up in bed awaiting a new week.

This weekend was pretty full on, we went somewhere beautiful everyday and although I didn’t get many pictures I did vlog it … see end of post.  Here are the few snaps I did get.


Friday myself, Pete, Jenson and Jasper went out for lunch to celebrate Pete getting a new office and then I took the boys solo for a walk around Titchfield Abbey. I left my phone in Pete’s car, didn’t take the sling or carrier; it was cold and windy and Japer tantrumed the whole way around about a stone he wanted but had thrown at a dog and couldn’t find – seriously!?

dsc01129 dsc01131

In the evening Pete and I went out on our first date night since Jenson was born. I planned to start getting ready early but of course we arrived with minutes to spare after a mad last minute outfit dash to Next (none of which I ended up wearing) with a screaming baby. Oh to get ready for a night out without a toddler hanging off your leg and a baby off your boob!

The night was amazing; we had such a great time, not only because it was our first night out in so long but because it was something we’d never done before. We sat at a table with a lovely group and enjoyed a three course meal and a spot of detective work – of course I was convinced I knew who the killer was but was completely wrong!

dsc01135 dsc01136

Usually we would have Rhys on a Friday night but we picked him up on the Saturday instead as we’d been out. We stopped off to tick off one of my Fall Bucket list items – a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte; and then went for a day of festive fun at Keydell nursery. Not only did they have a fab Halloween walk-through but their Christmas shop opened … yes I am one of those people!dsc01140 dsc01149

Sunday was another fun filled day with a trip to Stanstead House – the most beautiful place and my new all time favourite! The grounds were stunning; they had an orangery to sit and have afternoon tea and as well as a fab play park they also have a railway, maze and gorgeous gardens to walk around. I’ll be heading back there this week for more photos as we really didn’t get enough time to explore.dsc01150 dsc01151 dsc01154 dsc01156 dsc01157 dsc01159

dsc01169 dsc01171 dsc01176 dsc01179dsc01180

I plan to make more of a conscious effort to document our weekends in pictures so please bear with me as I try to get my editing and photography up to scratch! Can you recommend anywhere fun to go in Hampshire? Somewhere for all of the family; preferably outdoors?

Thanks for reading!

Jess x

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