Week 37 – Bumpdate and signs of labour

Congratulations little Rabbit you are officially full term!!! This week has been all about labour prep for me. I’ve focused a lot on my natal hypnotherapy, been using essential oils and have really just sat back and relaxed!photo 1-48

I’ve had lots of little signs to tell me that labour is coming, nothing major but a few things to remind me that little man could arrive any day now.

PGP – Since Sunday I’ve been having real a real pain in my ass – literally! It’s usually just when I walk downstairs and is isolated in my left but cheek. It’s kind of a stabbing pain and almost enough to make me stop in my tracks.  I’m going to do a post about this as I’ve found lots of confusion between this and Sciatica and I think it would be fab to post about the differences.

Braxton Hicks – Whoever said that these don’t hurt is telling porkies! My stomach goes really tight and I get a real burning pain. I know that they aren’t real contractions as they last for a matter of seconds and could occur once or ten times in a day and then I could go a day or two with nothing. They do hurt but definitely not as much as I’m expecting real contractions to, so for now I’m just going with them and seeing them as exciting little reminders that Rabbit is on his way!

Period Pains – Yesterday morning I woke up with real period pains. Of course I googled this (my answer to everything is self diagnosis) and I read that it’s a sign of labour. This got me really excited but after a few hours it was gone and I haven’t had it again since – boo 🙁

Urge to go to the toilet – I also woke up yesterday morning with a real urge to go to the toilet, another thing I’ve read is a sign of my body preparing for labour, kind of like a big clean out!

Mega nesting – I’ve been on a cleaning frenzy. I always tidy and clean daily but I must have really upped my game as Pete even commented on how tidy the house looked on Monday!

Fluey feelings – I’ve been feeling tired, headachy, achy, sniffly and then all of a sudden full of energy!

With all of these signs, I’m getting the feeling that Rabbit may arrive early however I don’t want to expect or hope for this as I know when he’s ready he’ll arrive. Plus the more I hope for him to come early I’ll stress out and end up being disappointed if he’s late!

Onto the little man:

He’s as big as a … Winter melon!! He likely measures 18.9-20.9 inches and weighs 6.2-9.2 pounds. That’s quite a large average I think, and labour wise I think I’d prefer him to be on the lower end of that scale haha

He’s gaining around half an ounce a day from now until birth, and is busy inhaling, sucking, gripping and blinking!

Ooh and he’s also preparing his first sticky poo for daddy to change his nappy … I’m more than happy to let Pete have that one!

It’s really exciting to think that this may be my last bumpdate post as my next may be a welcome to the world babyRabbit post. I could also have another 4 bumpdate posts so we shall have to wait and see!


Thanks for reading 🙂



  • Liz @ everythingisrosy
    27th March 2014 at 11:18 pm Reply

    Oooh period pain was the first sign I had of labour this time round! How blooming exciting!!xx
    Oh and the first sticky poos are just fab!xxx

    • Jessica
      28th March 2014 at 10:15 am Reply

      They just keep coming and going its so annoying! xxx

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