Ahh I can’t believe that on Saturday I’ll be exactly 1 month away from my due date! I know I say this every week but time really is flying by! photo 1-32

This weeks been pretty productive. I have my gorgeous new nursing chair from Kiddicare set up. It’s so comfy both my Mum and Pete have even had a go in it! Rhys loves having cuddles in it and it saves my back a lot of aching as I usually stand and rock him to sleep!

Since my baby shower I’ve been able to tick a lot off my to-do list and have even packed Rabbit’s hospital bag! I have mine ready but just need to put everything in it, so I am getting there!

Pete went away for work again this week from Tuesday-Friday. It goes really quickly but I’m glad that it’ll be the last time until after Rabbit’s due date. I’d hate it if he missed our little mans arrival and I know he would too!

I stayed at home Tuesday night and went out for a meal with my Mum, Dad and Sister which was lovely.

Mum then stayed with me at mine Wednesday night as I had Rhys for the night. He was as good as gold and I’ll be uploading pics of our day later! Lots of sunshine and fresh air!

Tonight I’m enjoying a night in by myself. I have quite a pile of products to review, a house to tidy in time for our landlords visit tomorrow, and a bit of relaxation to be had too!


Anyway onto the little man:

You’re as big as a … Coconut! At 17.2-18.7 inches and around 5 pounds you’re getting to be quite the little chunk! Your hearing is fully developed as are your musculoskeletal and circulatory systems.

Bump size – Still pretty small. Well, I was told last week that I looked like I was having twins but I think my bump is pretty tiny!

photo 2-35

Movements – Lots of rolls and what seems like you poking your bum in the air! I’m not sure what position you’re in at the moment but by the feel of it you’re moving around a lot!

Onto muma:

Stretch marks – Still none YET. I’m still applying bio oil but admittedly   I’ve been a bit lazy with it as I’ve not had much motivation to do it. I’m sure after birth a few will show so I should get back into applying it daily.

Aches and pains – I’m still feeling like I’ve been drop-kicked downstairs but I’ve kind of gotten use to that now! I’m finding it more uncomfortable to sit down as I feel like I’m squishing Rabbit so I’m resorting to an awkward kind of leaning back on the sofa.

Heartburn – Up until last night I hadn’t had any for a while but I did get a few cases of it during the evening. Hopefully that was just a one off though.

Leg cramps – I thought restless legs were enough but no, I’ve now been getting leg cramps too! I’m trying to drink more fluids to calm it  down so hopefully that works!

Signs of labour – None yet – still waiting patiently!

Thanks for reading my 35 week Bumpdate. Potentially only 5 more of these to go!


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