IMG_2009So here we are in week 34. I have exactly 5 weeks and 2 days until my little bundle’s due date. Of course it could be anything from a matter of hours to near on 7 weeks before I actually get to meet him though!

We’ve had a pretty productive week in general I’d say! We finally got our chest of drawers delivered which means we can take the old one out of the nursery and set up Rabbits cot. We’re also planning to sell a lot of Pete’s home office furniture to make room for Rhys’s jungle themed room!

I’ve still not packed my hospital bag (shame on me). I had found one to use for me and Rabbit but Pete took it to Romania last week and will take it again next week. I could hold off till he’s back but it smells a bit smokey as they haven’t started the smoking ban there yet so we’d rather I got a new one. Thats this weeks target!

I felt a little overwhelmed last night with everything I still need to do and ended up feeling rather down. I think the heaviness and tiredness has started to creep up on me so I’m trying to take it easy from now on.

I had a 34 week midwife appointment on Monday. I didn’t see the midwife and student midwife that I’ve seen the last few times and instead it was the lovely doctor that me and Pete saw at my first appointment in Hamble.

Onto the little man

Position – Even though the sonographer at my scan told me he was no longer back to back, the doctor has told me I still need to flip him over. He’s lying sideways, head down but his bum is to my right and his feet are to my left. It sounds cute but the digs in my ribs are no fun at all!

So that’s more cat crawling and ball bouncing for me! Come on Rabbit you’re almost there!

Heartbeat – She managed to find his heartbeat really quickly, maybe he liked her a little bit more that the usual midwife and felt less shy? It was a really good strong heartbeat, I don’t know if they say that to everyone but I love hearing that his is nice and strong 🙂

Movements – His patterns kind of gone now. He’s no longer a late night/early morning baby. He’s now a ‘whenever I feel like it’ kind of baby. He moves all day, everyday. I guess even if it’s just movement in his sleep I’m feeling them quite strongly due to his position and size!

As for muma 

Bump size – I’m measuring at 32cm. It’s a little small for 34 weeks but as the doctor said, I’m small anyway so why would I be larger? However I don’t feel particularly small. I feel really heavy and the furniture delivery guy even pointed out that he thought I was having twins!

Symptoms – As I said before I’ve been feeling really tired and a tad overwhelmed. I woke up this morning with an achey back and kind of period like pains but they’re easing off now. I think it’s got a lot to do with the anticipation and the constant ‘to-do list making’ i’ve got going on in my head! I really do need to relax now!

Cravings – Still everything minty! Almost devoured a whole box of tic tacos this morning as they’re making me feel nice and refreshed! It’s a wonder I’ve not been sick!


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