20140228-181716.jpgThis week has seemed a little bit crazy. Pete went away for work from Tuesday until today and not wanting to be on my own (partly being a baby and partly worried I’d go into early labour on my own) I stayed with my parents for 2 nights and had my mum over for 1. I still have my room there and they only live round the corner so it was lovely to be able to spend some more time with them – plus it meant I didn’t have to cook!

Wednesday night I had Rhys overnight without Pete for the first time which is when mum came over and stayed. He’d been poorly so I was warned that I wouldn’t be in for a good night but he was an absolute angel! He slept 730-730 and then had a really long nap in the day! We even went out for a lovely walk with the Bugaboo!

20140228-145331.jpg He was full of cold and a cough but wrapped up warm and topped up with medicine he was a happy chappy!

Today I had my 34 week scan. This isn’t a standard thing during pregnancy, it’s usually just the 12 and 20 week ones but as my PAPP-A hormones were low at 12 weeks they booked me in. My mum, dad and sister all came with me so it was a full room! I was hoping the scan would be clearer as it was my sisters first one but she still got to see parts of him!

Everything was absolutely fine, he is perfect size wise and has even moved positions so he’s no longer back to back with Muma. This means I don’t need to crawl around like a cat anymore woohoo! He now weights 4lbs 9oz which is perfect for 33 weeks ☺️

The scan was so different to the ones before as he’s so squished in there now! We couldn’t make much out but we did get to see his face profile, heart beating and his little legs crossed over! Plus she pointed out his ‘tackle’ and ‘balls’ which was great! Haha

As for Muma:

I’ve been pretty much the same as last week maybe just a little bit more uncomfortable. I’m waddling more noticeably and am feeling a bit achy and tired which makes me want to sleep all the time!

I haven’t really gotten much done from my to do list, nor have I done much blogging ( shame on me) I guess I’ve been in holiday mode! So next week will have to be another productive one!

Thanks for reading! Xxx