week 30 pregnancyOk so I actually turned 31 weeks on Saturday but I don’t want to miss out a post so here is my week 30 update. I always seem to do them a little late but I think its good to sum up the whole week … who am I kidding I’ve just turned into an unorganised baby brainer!

I mentioned in my 29 week update that I needed to have my hospital bag packed as well as my nursery essentials ready (assuming I even had a hospital bag and nursery set up to do those things!). I also mentioned that I felt a tad bit unprepared and would work on getting the nursery complete and at least purchasing a bag to take with my to the hospital, maybe at a push start filling it with what I’ll be needing.

I’m ashamed to say that I have done nada in terms of any of this! I haven’t done a single thing to the nursery this week and I haven’t gotten any closer to even choosing a bag or thinking about what I’ll need. This week just seemed to fly by and thinking about it now, I don’t even know what I’ve done to fill it. I know that I spent a day at my parents, but that was spent sprucing up some of my old clothes (post to come). I also spent a day at my mother in laws – she is actually working on a lovely hula hoop rug for the nursery (again post to come). I guess I’ve spent the time in-between cleaning, blogging and apparently staring into space! SO week 31 will be my ‘get shiz done’ week. Please do question me by the end of it and feel free to nag throughout the week, I fear my self motivation isn’t enough anymore! haha


SO anyway onto the little man:

He’s as big as a …pineapple! Not quite sure how this works as pineapples come in so many different sizes, but the app estimates around 15.2-16.7 inches and 2.5-3.8 pounds.

Senses – All 5 of little Rabbit’s senses are now working and his temperature is being partly regulated by his brain – such a clever little dude!

Movements – Today he’s actually been rather quite but I think that’s because I’ve been so active. We took Rhys swimming today and whenever I spend time with Rhys my minds not really as focused on bump as I’m always running around. Apart from that the weeks been full of digs in my ribs – his new fave place apparently. He’s also been kicking my downstairs area which makes me feel a tad uncomfortable to – cheers Rabbit!

As for muma – 

Restless legs – Back with a boom. I’ve given up on searching for a cure and just learning to wiggle my legs and feel reassured that unless we have Rhys overnight, I get to sleep late in the mornings – if I can that is!

Good riddens – I’ve luckily not had any heartburn (woohoo), backache or those weird ovary pains I was getting. Fingers crossed those are all a thing of the past!

Weird reactions – I’ve noticed that since being pregnant my hands have been getting really dry after doing the dishes. I haven’t changed washing up liquid so I’m putting it down to pregnancy. I tried a few different moisturisers and settled with the all natural jojoba oil. It seems to help with the dry and itchiness and leaves them feeling soft for quite a while after!

So that’s about all for 30 weeks, let’s hope I have more updates for week 31!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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