week 29

Excuse the mess and change of camera choice!

Wow where is the time flying off to! As of tomorrow I’ll be in week 30 and will officially be in the 10 week countdown. I can still remember being 10 weeks pregnant and moaning about how far away my due date seemed!

This week I had to go and have my whooping cough injection as they recommend it for mumas to be once they hit 28 weeks. They’ve started giving the injection to pregnant women due to a higher increase in infant fatalities due to whooping cough as the injection immunises babies until they’re 2 months when they get the injection themselves. It’s definitely worth having and since they’ve been giving them the rate of fatalities has significantly dropped which is fantastic!

I’m normally so good with injections, as I’ve already mentioned blood tests and my fly jab were a breeze, but this one I actually suffered with! I felt like I’d been stabbed in the arm (from what I imagine that feels like) and it make it really painful to sleep on and to lift too high (a pain when I spent this week painting Rabbit’s nursery tree!).

As for little man – 

Movements – You’re moving like crazy still, doing Mexican waves and backflips I’m sure! You’ve been kicking straight in my private parts which feels a bit uncomfortable and every so often you give my bladder a nudge and I have to stop myself from peeing! It made me jump to start with but I’m getting use to it!

As big as an …  Acorn Squash! Rabbit, you’re  around 16 inches long and weigh around 3 pounds you little chunk … and my have I noticed it!

You’re also beginning to plump out and get your little old man wrinkles I can’t wait to see!


On to muma – 

I read in my app today that now’s the time to start finalising stuff … finalising!? I’ve only just started! Apparently I should be finishing off the essentials in the nursery and having my hospital bag ready by the door just in case! This makes this organised muma a little panicky as I haven’t even thought about the contents of my hospital bag yet, let alone bought a bag to put it all in! I am getting there with the nursery, the furniture is up, the bunting is made and the tree is painted on the wall but my plan was to wait until after my baby shower to see what essentials I still need. Ah well, it’s an excuse to make some more lists!

The waddle – I’ve been feeling more weeblish this week. Getting out of bed now consists of me rolling and hoisting myself off the bed and my mum even told me yesterday that I’ve got ‘the pregnant waddle’. In other words I look like a chunky penguin! haha

Aches and pains – I’ve been getting a pain downstairs, which I can only describe as feeling like I’ve been drop kicked in my downstairs! I’m thinking it’s just growing pains and maybe Rabbit putting a bit of pressure down there with all of his movements, wither way it’s unpleasant and can bugger off!

Heartburn? Luckily Ive seen the back of you for a while … touch wood … please don’t come back now I’m not being cocky I swear!

Restless legs – I won’t bore you, it’s still here.

On the plus side – still no stretch marks, yay!



  • Claire
    31st January 2014 at 4:55 pm Reply

    I’m nearly 30 weeks pregnant and have only just started the little mans nursery never mind packing the hospital bag. Great post!

  • Victoria
    12th February 2014 at 1:46 pm Reply

    Hey, i didnt do any research yet about whooping cough injection, were you told about any implications at all? just not sure should I do it or not..

    • admin
      14th February 2014 at 10:33 am Reply

      hey! No they didn’t tell me anything bad, they said I may have an achey arm as with any muscular injections but nothing that could harm bambino! They just said that it protects baby until they’re 2 months so I didn’t think of anything else.

      Hope that helps! xx

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