week 28Wow the time is just flying by! I can’t believe I’m 3 quarters of the way through and little man will be here so soon!

I had a midwife appointment yesterday as I’m now in week 28! As Pete had to work my mum came with me. She loves a chance to hear the heart beat and be more involved and it’s really nice to be able to share it with her!

I’m not even sure who my midwife is at the moment as since I transferred to the new doctors surgery I’ve only had two appointments; one I saw a doctor instead of a midwife and yesterday the lady didn’t tell me her name! So who knows, she could have been anyone haha!

When we went in, there was a student midwife called Jess, (great name!) who was training – what a lovely job to train for! The appointment took a bit longer than usual as Jess had to do everything and then the midwife would check it. I didn’t mind though, I love any appointment to do with Rabbit!

Everything was perfect with the wriggler:

Bump size – 28 cm – perfect for 28 weeks

Blood pressure, urine sample etc – all normal

 28 week blood sample – I’m fine with needles but the process was a bit of a disaster, Jess had a go and although she put the needle in right (I have awesome veins that medical staff seem to buzz over) she then freaked out, pulled it out and I got an arm covered in blood! I said she could try again as I didn’t want her confidence knocked but the midwife did it instead, and it was a much less horrific experience! Anyway I should get the results by next week.

Rabbits position – So he’s moved now, he’s kind of transverse, which explains all the rolls and kicks I was getting the night before.

Heartbeat – He was in a funny position so it took even the midwife ages to get a clear heartbeat; but when she found it, it was as strong as ever!


As for muma

I don’t think my bumps grown too much to look at, not noticeably anyway, but Rabbit has been wriggling around like a mad man! I feel him kicking all the time even when I’m out walking so I know he’s getting big in there!

I’m pretty much the same as last week, still steering clear of heartburn and still getting restless legs just as I want to sleep!

I’m still full of energy and have been a lot more motivated to get moving with my to-do lists! I even painted an old mirror frame, made a homemade beauty package for my sister in law and a clothes cake for my nephew all while Rhys was napping today! Plus a load of washing, hoovering, cooking and cleaning! Just call me superwoman! haha



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