IMG_1929I’ve been so busy getting crafty and preparing for baby bump that I completely forgot to give a week 27 bumpdate!

Kicks – Rabbit has been so active this week. His movements used to be around the morning and evening, (usually at the time that I’d like to be asleep) but now they seem to be pretty much constant throughout the day too! I’m feeling him move even when I’m active which shows how much the little dude is growing! I’m not quite sure when he’s getting a chance to sleep, he seems to be taking mini power naps which I’m hoping isn’t a sign of things to come for him!

Responsive – Rabbit use to kick a lot for me but whenever I asked someone else feel he would always stop! Even when it was Pete he would go all shy as if he’d either heard me invite someone else to playtime or could sense that it was someone else’s heartbeat he could feel.

Anyway now it’s like he’s the star of the show. He loves kicking away for anyone who wants to feel and it’s really lovely to see my friends and families faces when he wriggling away. It’s especially cute when he kicks in response to your pokes like a little game of ‘it’!

I’ve noticed that certain noises also get him moving, the main one being the sound of a metal spatula on a frying pan while I’m cooking – odd!

Size – He’s now the size of a rutabaga according to my the Bump app, and is 14 inches long and 2 pounds in weight!

Milestones – This is the earliest time that little man could survive outside of my tum if he was born prematurely. This fact definitely gave me a kick up the ass to get everything ready for him!

His brain is nearly fully developed now meaning that he is more in control of his conscious movements – now I know he’s being a rascal with those rib digs!


As for muma

Stretch marks – Still no sign yet but I have used up my first bottle of bio oil!

Heartburn – I haven’t had it for a few days and I’ve also not been munching away on love hearts. Instead I’ve developed a taste for tic tacs which I’ve heard also help to relieve the burn!

Restless legs – These are still getting me every night but I’ve been eating a banana as my last meal before bedtime which has definitely made the restless legs a bit better!

Urine infection – Although I finished the antibiotics for my urine infection I’ve still been getting the odd pain. It’s a burning pain that gets really intense for about 30 seconds then goes for about a minute and then happens again about 10 more times. The pains on my left side where the ovaries are. I’ve found that going for a wee, practising my relaxing breathing and having a warm bath really helps and as it only happens every other day or so I haven’t been too worried.  I am going to speak to my midwife about it though as I did take a course of antibiotics so maybe it’s not actually a urine infection.

That’s about it for week 27, me and Rabbit are doing really well and time is ticking away quickly!






  • Alice Young
    23rd January 2014 at 12:16 am Reply

    If you keep going with the BioOil you should be safe. I got a few on my lower back but not bad at all. I used BioOil and cocoa butter palmers stretch mark lotion. Both worked so well and I still use them now. The light marks I did gain have now completely gone!! But maybe I was just lucky. Amelia used to kick right when I was about to go to sleep…nightmare xx

    • admin
      23rd January 2014 at 5:10 pm Reply

      Ooh I love cocoa butter palmers! I’ll definitely have to give that a go, I used to use it all the time. The bio oils working well but then I may just not be getting any anyway. Thats so good that yours have gone now! xx

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