week 25I’m now in week 25 and i’ve realised that my pregnancy diary is looking a bit sparse. I only have 15 weeks left to go till my little man arrives (give or take a week or so!) so i’ve decided I really want to start documenting more of my pregnancy; from the shiny new hair doo i’ve acquired to the heartburn and gas that has tagged along!

Today we had our first midwives appointment at our new doctors surgery in Hamble. The midwife was lovely and answered all of my questions that i’d been building up. I mainly wanted to know about what antenatal classes were available in the area as i’d love to get a little bit of exercise and relaxation into my life and quite frankly i’ve missed the gym! She told me that the Kiddicare store in Hedge End run a range of classes and they even do aqua natal! Not in the store thought, that would be too awesome! I’m going to give them a call tomorrow and see when I can start!

The midwife had a poke and a prod at my belly to see how Rabbit was doing. I love it when the midwives push on my belly because Pete looks so concerned. He won’t even go further than resting his hand on my bump as he thinks it’ll hurt Rabbit, so it’s always funny to watch him squirm mwahaha!

The midwife even got Rabbit’s head in some kind of mini headlock and let Pete feel it but I knew it wasn’t comfortable for him!


Anyway, here are little mans updates:

Heartbeat – extremely strong (they say this every time and it always makes me feel proud of my tough little cookie 🙂 )

Bump size – Now that i’ve reached week 25 the midwife has started to measure the size of my bump. She said that it usually goes with how many weeks you are so at 25 weeks, 26 cm is absolutely perfect!

Rabbits position – Bottom down (breach) – that’s where those little kicks down below are coming from!

I’ve also been told to start counting Rabbit’s little movements. He is supposed to move at least 10 times per day, and with the rate that he’s been tap dancing I have no concerns so far!

week 25

As for muma:

Stretch marks – No sighting of any yet but I’m smothering my bump, boobs and thighs in bio oil daily, so fingers crossed they hold off!

Heartburn – Mainly at night time and pretty uncomfortable but when I have a glass of milk it eases of really quickly! I now know its caused by spicy foods but this muma has no plan in cutting out the spices so milk is my new best friend!

Leg cramps –  Always in my left leg and always when I’m trying to sleep! Dad has suggested Indian tonic water (must be Indian apparently) and my midwife today suggested a banana before bedtime ( the fruit – no rudeness intended). I have neither of those tonight but tomorrow I’ll certainly give them a go!


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