Unfortunately, amongst all of the excitement of Christmas and our first overnight stay with Rhys, we’ve had a pretty sickly time in the cosy cottage.

Firstly I ended up at Princess Ann with pains in what I thought were my ovaries, and then two days later I had to take Pete to Royal South Hants after some crazy hallucinations!

I’ll explain … I’ve been getting these burning pains on my left side in the area of my ovaries. I first experienced the pains a couple of weeks ago and even though I’ve never given birth I can only describe them as like contractions. I mean that in the way that the pains came, were really intense and then went … repeat. I’d get the pain 5-10 times and then nothing for another few days.

It was after the 4th time I had the pains that I realised I needed to get the problem seen to. I know you’re probably wondering why I didn’t go before but I’m one of these people that hates to do anything about, well, anything to do with my health. I hate taking medication and would always rather drink water and have a nap then pop a paracetamol. I especially hate going to the doctor with a sore throat when as soon as I walk into the doctors room I suddenly have the clear voice of an angel. SInce the pains came and went relatively quickly, I felt as though i’d be playing the boy that cried wolf if I went to the doctors.

Anyway, at this point me and Pete were at my brother and sister-inlaws, it was around midnight, they were all a tad tipsy and the pain started the worst it had been so far. If I wasn’t pregnant I would have maybe waited, but being that the pain was so close to little Rabbit and it seemed to be getting worse, I bit the bullet and called the NHS.

The staff at Princess Ann were fantastic, so calm and relaxed. As soon as I told them my symptoms they predicted urine infection and after giving them a urine sample they’re suspicions were confirmed. They checked Rabbits heartbeat, my temperature and blood pressure and then gave me some antibiotics and I was on my way. The midwives told me that urine infections were different for pregnant women and although they can be extremely painful, they don’t affect baby at all. I knew the little Rabbit was none the wiser in there!

So there I was, on antibiotics, attempting to claim a bit of sympathy when Pete started being sick violently. This was teamed with diarrhoea, dizziness and hallucinations of smoke coming through the bedroom door and his family members saying ‘init’ to him when he closed his eyes. Pete is a mans man and not one to want sympathy so when I had him tucked up in bed shivering with a hot water bottle under his feet I knew it was serious. We popped down to the out of hours doctor who diagnosed Pete with the dreaded Nurovirus that had already hit my entire family and part of Pete’s.

Luckily for Pete the worst was over and he got better and better as the day progressed. I however, threw up at the hospital and continued to throw up after every sip of water or grape that I tried to consume! I don’t think that I had the Nurovirus as  I wasn’t half as bad as Pete but I definitely had some kind of stomach bug.

It took a day of feeling very sorry for ourselves and not letting anyone into the infectious bubble that was cosy cottage, but now after a deep clean a load of fresh air and water we are back on track and in tip top health!


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