Wedding Bells – Drama

I’ve always heard people moaning about weddings; how stressful they are, seating plans, bridezillas, last minute letdowns blah blah blah. Well I never thought I’d be one of those people. I thought our planning would be easy going and simple but you know what, it blady isn’t!

I know our day will be beautiful no matter what but when I look back on our plans to date it has certainly not been smooth sailing. Far from it!

So I’ve told you guys about the original venue – Skylark Golf and Country Club. If you haven’t read about it or watched my ranty vlogs then basically the venue couldn’t get the right licences, we had terrible service in their restaurant and then came to visit on the day of a wedding and they had a bulldozer knocking down the beautiful arch and maze to make a putting green. There was mud everywhere and no one mentioned a thing to me about it.

So rather swiftly we got our deposit back and got a new venue – Rhinefield House. That’s all fine now, we love our new venue, be it a tad pricier than the last (gosh I need to win the lottery); but it’s oh so beautiful and perfect!

Now however we’ve reached new levels of drama. I spent a long time looking for the perfect wedding dress and decided to go down the route of having it made. Every one I tried on and loved had something I’d change, be it the edging, neckline, feel of the material; so I thought what better way to get the perfect dress than to have it made exactly how I wanted it?

We found a lady who was nice enough; she sketched my ideas and all seemed well. We had regular fittings and communication but all of a sudden just before we went on holiday mid June (bearing in mind our wedding is July 19th) the dress just didn’t look right. I’m talking side boob, overly obvious seam lines, a short front panel … it wasn’t good. On top of the sudden problems that came out of nowhere, there was still a ton of things to do, the scalloped edging, buttons, neckline … I could go on.

It’s safe to say I had a panic. We’d paid 90% of the dress off as we preferred to pay it off sooner rather than later. I was so worried the dress wouldn’t be done in time and even if it was it might not look right so me and my mum decided that we should consider buying a new one. I was going away for a week to Greece and had my next fitting booked for the day after I got back so I didn’t have time to look before but as my mum knew I couldn’t do anything while I was away she booked me some appointments at different dress shops for the same day as my next fitting.

Unfortunately when I went to my next fitting it was still the same, it didn’t look like anything had been done. The dressmaker seemed confused by it all and didn’t fill me with confidence. The list of things that still needed to be done when I left was so much that we went straight to a bridal shop in Basingstoke and searched for a new dress.

Well the good news is I found ‘The One‘. I knew as soon as I put it on and not only felt amazing in it but felt relieved that I didn’t have to panic about the other dress anymore. The dress is exactly what I imagined my other dress to look like in the beginning but I really can’t se that happening, even if the dressmaker were to start over.

The dress was only available to take away in a size 12 so we went straight to a tailoress who will have it altered by the week of the wedding – talk about cutting it fine!  I’m so grateful that my mum offered to do this as financially it’s not ideal at all. My parents have now paid for two dresses, one of which is nowhere near complete.

If they hadn’t paid as much for the initial one I’d just cancel it but as the majority is paid off and I don’t know where we would stand on a refund, I’m going to have to go to my final three dress fittings to get it finished. If it’s finished to a good standard I’ll sell it but if not I’ll have to ask for our money back and hope that she is reasonable.

I hate the thought of going to fittings when I’ve already found another dress to wear and I actually feel quite guilty that she’s working away at something that won’t be worn for it’s intended purpose; but I need to see it through and hope that we can get the best outcome.

Well this feels like a really negative and many post doesn’t it? I’m actually really happy that we’ve now got our perfect venue and I have my perfect dress, it’s just such a shame that we’ve had to waste a lot of time and money to get there!

I’d definitely give this piece of advice to brides to be … be patient. Before you sign anything and hand over your money, be sure. Things can seem too good to be true and as I’ve found out, often are!

Hopefully it’s a happy ending after a stressful journey … we have three weeks to go and my dress won’t be ready for another two … cue panic stations!

I’ll be needing all of the wine and virtual hugs I can get … send both!



  • Alex
    28th June 2015 at 9:44 pm Reply

    I’m certainly sending you lots of virtual hugs and wine! I have a degree in fashion and work as a designer so know a thing or two about dress making. Having said that there was no way I would have my wedding dress made. It’s just so complex and time consuming. The thought of a unique, one off dress is like a dream but in reality they hardly ever come out lime the picture. You’re not the first person this has happened to. I’m just so glad super mum sorted you a fitting and helped buy your new dress. Where would we be without our parents hey? All of this will be a blur by the time you’re walking down the isle 🙂 good luck with the final plans xxx

    • Jessica
      14th July 2015 at 7:50 pm Reply

      Aww thanks lovely! I’d never ever have a dress made again, what a nightmare! You’re so right, it’ll all be a blur 🙂

  • emilyandindiana
    28th June 2015 at 9:52 pm Reply

    Gosh that sounds stressful, as if planning a wedding wasn’t hard enough! So glad it’s all coming together though and you’ll look stunning on the day! I’d be demanding my money back from the dress maker, she sounds awful! Xx

    • Jessica
      14th July 2015 at 7:44 pm Reply

      Not long to go now for either of us! I can’t wait to see all the pictures of yours 🙂

      We managed to get a lot of money back from her which was great!

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