Wedding Bells – My Soulmate*

Yes, I’m afraid this is going to be a bit of a gushy post. I’m not soppy as much as I think I should be, not because I don’t want to, I just don’t take enough time to really sit down and think too deeply.

This weekend I celebrated my upcoming nuptials with my wonderful uni friends. I blogged and vlogged the day so I won’t go into all of the lovely details here but one thing from the day really stood out to me and got me thinking.

The girls made me a book titled ‘Our lovely Jess’ which was filled with pictures (some questionable) as well as individual well wishes. One word that kept cropping up and making me feel all emotional and full of love was ‘soulmate’.

‘I’m so happy that you’ve found your soulmate’, ‘I can’t wait to watch you marry your soulmate’ . 

I love Pete; I know he’s the one for me and that we were meant to be together but I’d never really thought of him as my soulmate. I don’t now why, it’s not that I oppose to that, I just hadn’t ever thought of it. I know if I asked him if I was his soulmate he’d tell me to stop being ‘gay’ but the more I think about it, I really believe that he is.

I know people say that you could meet anyone anywhere and all you need is chemistry to fall in love but I feel like our story was meant to be. It’s nothing grand or romantic, but I feel like everything was aligned for us to meet and end up together.

We lived so close in England but it took us to move to Dubai to meet. We didn’t date instantly we were friends a long time, but everything worked in the right way and the right time for us. When we did start dating we knew instantly that it was perfect. Our pregnancy with Jasper pushed us in a direction that gave us an even bigger family with Rhys; it was the push Pete needed to move home and it was the best decision he’s ever made (apart from proposing to me of course!). I see how happy he is now that we’re one big family and I honestly think things would have been so different if I didn’t fall pregnant.

I won’t go on but I will have a new take on mine and Petes relationship. When times are a bit trying I will remember that we’re meant to be and that our strengths are there to help each others weaknesses. I’ll certainly remember it when I’m walking down the aisle to meet him.

A big ol’ thank you to my girls for opening up another level of love for Pete; I’m sure he’ll thank you too one day!


Thanks for reading 🙂

*Collaborative Post

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