Wedding Bells – Your presence is enough

Planning our wedding has been relatively straight forward; yes there have been stressful highs and lows but our vision has been pretty simple and for the most part, Pete and I have wanted the same things.

Probably the only thing that we’ve found tricky to decide on has been what to ‘ask for’ from our guests. I say ask for, but I really don’t likeĀ that. I hate the thought of asking people for anything. Okay, for my birthday and Christmas, when someone asks me what I want I can normally reel off a list as long as my arm but when it comes to our wedding I feel like its not appropriate.

Now I’m not saying I disagree with anyone asking for gifts, money, whatever it may be. I think it’s an amazing opportunity to help with the cost of the wedding, honeymoon or new home and if people don’t need help with any of those then why not have some money to put into savings. I happily push to know what someone wants for their wedding if they don’t specify but for some reason I found it really difficult to just decide; it just feels odd.

I think it may be because we’ve been very precise when it’s come to our guest list. We’ve kept the numbers low as we only want people to be there that we love; who we want to share the moment with and who we know will be happy to see us get married. Because of this I think we’re so focused on appreciating who’ll be there that honestly I feel that (I know how cheesy this sounds) our guest presence is enough. We want to share our special day with this bunch of wonderful people and our gift from themĀ is that they are taking time out of their day to be there.

As is the case with so many couples now, me and Pete have our home, we have furniture, crockery and linen; we have everything we need. We know that we can pay for our honeymoon on our own.

At one point I looked into a registry; I got a free Vera Wang Wedgwood cake slice and knife through an offer I found in a bridal magazine. All I had to do was sign up for free to which is a gift registry website. Along with the gifts I was sent a pack of cards with my gift registry number on to put in my invites. As they were all there and ready I kind of thought should we just do a registry but when I went through the website I couldn’t find enough presents to make a list. Yes there were so many beautiful things but I didn’t want to put expensive items on there incase they were over peoples budget. Most of the items were very expensive so to save stress I scrapped that idea.

We’ve decided to leave our invitations clear of any suggestion about gifts or money but if people ask, which they have, we’ll just say that all we want is our guests to be there. Of course people persist, so we’ve just said that we would be happy with anything that they think we would like.

Before you say it, we’re not in the 90’s anymore and we’re not going to end up with ten toasters in the same colour (yes I’ve been warned that ALOT). Money would be wonderful, it would go towards spending money for our honeymoon; vouchers would be great, we could save them for when we need to buy bits for the house, the boys etc. Gifts would also be fab, personalised frames, Mr and Mrs signs, anything that’s gifted with love.

I’m hoping our guests don’t feel pressured to give us anything but if they do want to I hope they’ll know what to give and know that we’ll be thrilled with anything they choose!

What did you/do you plan to do for gifts at your wedding?

Thanks for reading! xx


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