Wedding Bells – The Perfect Tipple

As I write this post I’m amongst a haze of wedding planning stress and excitement. Hopefully when it’s scheduled to post I’ll be in a slightly different haze, a post-wedding haze filled with love and relaxation!

Our wedding has been really flexible in terms of planning. Yes we went for a package deal but that only really restricted us to minimum numbers and, well thats about it actually. I was able to choose and organise every aspect and I did just that.

Our wedding package is called the Summer Fete package. We’re the first wedding to try this package as it’s new to the venue other than for it’s initial purpose as a Fathers Day treat and I think because of this the venue have been really accommodating to make sure that it’s everything we want and more.

The package includes lots of food stalls from a hog roast and a burger bar to candy floss and toffee apples and I ticked every box on the menu … more is less right? I’ll be doing a separate post on this where I’ll go into detail with lots of mouth watering pictures!

Now to go with all the scrummy food I was given loads of options for our wedding tipple, our signature drink. For me the first drink that your guests are given during the drinks reception gives them an idea of what to expect for the rest of the day. As the wedding is outside and in the summery month of July, I thought our drink should definitely be fitting with the chilled and comfortable feel we want for our special day.

I did have a look online for ‘top wedding drinks’ and ‘Britains favourite alcoholic beverages’ and on top was always beer and wine. Now I’m a big fan of a glass of vino and I know how much Pete loves a beer but they just didn’t seem right. Champagne and prosecco are always winners on special occasions but we’re planning to have that for our toast so that wouldn’t do either.

I then thought to what I would want on a summery day, surrounded by friends, bbq to one side, bouncy castle to the other. And the answer was – Pimms! Yep, that summery fave that will go oh so well with our summer fete package will be the first drink to welcome our guests after our ceremony. Hopefully this will set the scene for a relaxed and fun day and night, and hopefully all of our guests like Pimms!

For our package we did have to use the venue to provide our drinks which did work out quite costly but if you have the option to provide your own drinks, and the corkage fee isn’t too high, then definitely find youspirits online or at a wholesale place like Macro or Costco. Loads of venues will gladly mix it up for you and serve the drinks even if you haven’t bought them from there!


What would your first wedding drink be? 

Thanks for reading!



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