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Not having children at our wedding was never an option. With two boys ourselves and lots of nieces and nephews, we always knew that kiddies would be a big part of our special day. That’s not to say that I don’t love a child-free wedding, I was so pleased (sorry boys) when my friends wedding invite didn’t include their names,  as it just makes for an easier day; but with two boys of our own we always knew that we’d have many a mini guest.

I probably spent more time planning on how to entertain the kids at our wedding than I did the adults. You know what they say, happy child = happy parents. Keep the children busy/safe/happy and the adults can relax and enjoy their day.

So with that in mind I headed straight to my addiction – Pinterest and found loads of fab ideas for our wedding day.

1) Bouncy Castle

This was THE best thing we hired for our wedding. It cost around £50 for the day plus an additional £10 per hour to have someone there to man it. This was brilliant as the parents didn’t need to supervise their children . They could come and go as they pleased, be in good safe hands and as it was just to the side of the main event, the parents could keep an eye on them from a distance.

The adults even got involved (not sure that was actually allowed). It was perfect for the drinks reception as the kids were so well behaved and sat so nicely during the ceremony – they needed to burn of some energy. They were able to go and bounce during the speeches rather than sit there and whine about being bored and then once it was time to pack up, the DJ started so they could turn their attention to dancing!Pete&Jess-250 Pete&Jess-246

2) Kids table

I set up a little station just for the kids. It consisted of animal masks, balloons, bubbles, fairy wands, transfer tattoos and colouring books. The kiddies were able to run over as they pleased, take whatever they wanted and again, the parents didn’t need to be there.


3) Refreshments and fun food

I also put a canteen of squash on the kids table so they could help themselves when they got thirsty from all of their bouncing. This saved the adults having to keep going to the bar for them! The food that we had at the wedding was also really well catered towards kiddies, there were fun things like cotton candy, toffee apples and then loads of different savoury items like pizza and burgers!Pete&Jess-316

4) Garden games

Our venue provided lots of garden games such as giant jenga, croquet, bowls and hoop throwing. This was so much fun for both the children and the adults and made for some adorable photo opportunities too! If your venue doesn’t have any of these then simply fill a box with bats and balls and let the kids go crazy!

Pete&Jess-257 Pete&Jess-253 Pete&Jess-265

5) Exploring

Our venue had lots of grounds to explore. There was a maze to play hide and seek as well as a pond filled with huge fish that the kiddies could watch and feed. They couldn’t really go off on their own but I personally found it really lovely to have a bit of time out with Jasper to walk around and just relax. Pete&Jess-391 Pete&Jess-392

6) Table fun

Even though I was more than happy for the kids to run off from the table to play once they’d finished eating, I thought it would be nice to have some things to keep them busy in case their parents wanted them to stay put and chill to for a while. For their favours I bought little activity packs from eBay which consisted of word searches, puzzles, crosswords and colouring in. There were also bubbles at each table which actually entertained the adult guests more thank the children!



7) Dance time!

If they’re still awake and a little sugar hyper like our mini guest were then the disco part can be so much fun. Our kiddies loved a good dance and we made sure the earlier music was quite fun and pop style and then in the evening it turned more into garage and hip hop!

Pete&Jess-584 Pete&Jess-585 Pete&Jess-586 Pete&Jess-588 Pete&Jess-582 Pete&Jess-583 Pete&Jess-568


The kids at our wedding were fully entertained and I really think the adults appreciated the extra little touches I’d done to make their time more relaxed. I hope I’ve given you some great ideas and if you have any of your own please do comment below I’d love to know!


Thanks for reading guys!

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