Wedding bells – Finding the one

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my wedding plans. To be honest I’ve not really done much in terms of planning, I’ve been really slack and massively need to pull my finger out! 

Since we got engaged I’ve had the perfect wedding dress in my head. It’s completely different to what I wanted 10 years ago which was a strapless, boned, layered princess style dress.

My vision couldn’t be further from that now. Now I want simple, vintage and comfortable. I say simple but I don’t mean plain. I envisage lace; a lot of lace. To some that may be far from simple but I just don’t want bling. I don’t want gems or sparkles. I don’t want bows or frills.

I want a sweetheart or v-neck neckline. I’d love cap sleeves. I don’t want any boning, I hate being able to feel my clothes on me and the most important day of our love life should be no exception to that. I don’t want layers, I want to be able to walk without kicking 5 layers of netting with every step.

A slight fishtail would be beautiful although a fluid style is just my dream. In terms of the edging I’m in love with scalloped. I’d never thought of it before but I have to say it’s stunning!

Colour wise I don’t want white, I want something slightly softer like ivory; and I’d love some pearl detailing.

I know it sounds fussy and demanding but all I want is to be comfortable. I don’t want to be tied into my dress or worried I’ll pass out. I want to be able to bend down to pick up Jasper and Rhys when they run across the dance floor to join us on our first dance.

I have tried on a few, I’ve been to 3 bridal boutiques with my mum and then one with three of my bridesmaids. I’ve managed to find two that are really close to what I want but both have things that I’d like to change. One is in Hannah Elizabeth in Botley and is by Lusan Mandongus. It’s fluid, comfortable, lace and scalloped. The only downside was the plunge neckline … and perhaps the price tag!

The other dress was in Anya Bridal in Wickham and was the perfect style except I could feel the dress. It wasn’t fluid and I just wasn’t 100% with it.

I’ve been looking at second hand dresses on pre-loved sites too; I won’t be keeping my dress after so I don’t have any problem with buying one that’s not brand new.

I’ve also had a search on eBay as there are loads of companies in China that make the designer style dresses for around £80 – I just don’t know if I can take the risk!

I know I can find the perfect dress and as I have a pretty good idea of what I want I’m sure it won’t take long! I have another appointment at Hannah Elizabeth to try on some more Lusan Mandongus dresses so fingers crossed!

How easy was it for you to find ‘the one’?

Thanks for reading xx


  • Dani
    18th January 2015 at 4:13 pm Reply

    Hi Jess, I had a nightmare trying to find the right dress. My list of what I wanted from a dress was just like yours. Every dress just wasn’t what I imagined and because what I wanted wasn’t ‘fashionable’ some shops had nothing to try on. I tried on so many dresses thinking they would be ok but they just weren’t. The more shops I went to the more I felt like I had to compromise. I kept waiting for that feeling. You know… The one everyone talks about. The feeling when you get ‘the one’ and it never came.
    I went to see my dress maker. I nearly burst into tears! Not because it was trying on the dress of my dreams but from the excitement that I could have what I wanted and the relief that everything was coming together at last. The price tag is also prob 1/3 of what it would cost from a shop which added to the excitement.
    My first fitting is next Saturday so I hope the feeling continues. I am sure it will.
    P.s the dress maker is Virgina Hannan in Winchester x

    • Jessica
      18th January 2015 at 5:57 pm Reply

      Thats exactly how I feel Dani; it’s so overwhelming! It’s enough to make me not want to find a dress … something I’ll definitely regret!

      Thanks so much, I’ll get in touch with her! Having one made for me would be amazing, and if it’s a third of the price then that’s all the better!

      I’m very excited to see pictures of yours 🙂

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