Entertaining your wedding guests

I previously blogged about how we entertained our mini guests at our wedding so I thought I’d share we you how we kept the adults entertained.

As you many know we had an outdoor wedding so all of the entertainment had to work with that in mind. We also had to make sure that in the event of bad weather, anything we planned could be easily moved indoors.

We wanted a really casual and fun vibe, nothing too formal and we also wanted everyone to be free to do what they wanted, not have to stand here to watch this, go over there to do that. It was as much our guests day as ours and we just wanted a chilled summer day kind of vibe. With that in mind here’s how we entertained our guests:


I always knew that I wanted a singer to perform at our wedding; a man with a guitar, singing cheery acoustic versions of popular and classic songs. It didn’t take me long to find the guy that I wanted, I heard his version of Tailor Swifts Bad Blood and I was sold! His name is Robert Austen and I honestly think he is amazing! He sung while the guests arrived, during the ceremony and then for the drinks reception and so many people told me how amazing they thought he was! It gave a really lovely atmosphere and as soon as I heard him start ‘Higher Love’ I knew I’d made a perfect choice!


Garden games

I mentioned these in my Entertaining mini wedding guests post but these were also for the adults. Our venue provided bowls, throwing hoops, giant jenga, giant dominos and croquet which were perfect to play out on the lawn. Pete&Jess-337

Selfie sticks

This was not only for a bit of fun for our guests but so that we could also capture as many pictures from our special day as possible. We had little signs stating our wedding hashtag – #AveyWedding and asked people to use that when they uploaded their photos on social media. Pete&Jess-400 Pete&Jess-382

Photo Booth props

Our budget didn’t allow for a proper Photo Booth, we had to draw the line somewhere so I simply bought a pack of Photo Booth props and set them by the dance floor along with a selfie stick for people to use. They didn’t get used as much as I’d hoped but still made a few appearances on Instagram!

Pete&Jess-409 Pete&Jess-567


What wedding reception would be complete without the evening tunes! As we had a singer during the day we decided to stick to a DJ in the evening and he was fab! We managed to get a really good price going with a family friend and me and Pete were able to create our own playlists. There wasn’t as much dancing as some weddings I’ve been to as most people stayed outside in the garden but it was fab for the kids and for me and the girls to have a boogy! Pete&Jess-601 Pete&Jess-587 Pete&Jess-611 Pete&Jess-627 Pete&Jess-633 Pete&Jess-632


As the sun went down we had floating water lily lanterns brought out for everyone to light and put on the pond. I initially planned to have these as favours but thought they would just make a nice addition to the evening and there was something magical about them – until the giant fish attacked and sank nearly all of them! Please excuse the picture the photographer had gone so this was an Instagram shot!Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 13.58.25


I know this is nothing new and that every wedding has speeches but I thought I’d mention them as they really were entertaining. Our guests laughed and cried and were even treated to some rather dashing pictures of vintage Pete!

Pete&Jess-499 Pete&Jess-552 Pete&Jess-557


How did you/ do you plan to entertain your wedding guests? I’d love for you to share your ideas in the comments below!


Thanks for reading!
Jess x


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