Wedding bells – Choosing my wedding ring

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything wedding related and if I’m honest that’s because it’s all been a bit up in the air. If you’ve seen my Chatty Vlog | Wedding Plans and Updates then you’ll know that we had some teething problems with our venue; but I’m so glad to say that everything is sorted now and I’ll be doing a much more positive wedding vlog next week!

I’m so excited to now be able to crack on with our planning and the latest thing that we’ve been thinking about is my ring. I always just thought I’d want a traditional white gold band. Nothing jazzy or blingy; just something simple and elegant.

It wasn’t until I started looking at them however that I realised just how beautiful the more detailed designs can be! Now my mind is just overloaded with options and it’s especially difficult knowing that this will be on my finger for the rest of my life … so I can’t just go for something that’s on trend on a bit quirky at the moment.

There are so many beautiful styles and as Pete had full choice of my engagement ring (with a few hints and “I definitely don’t want those” from me) I’m really excited to be able to have full say in the second part. I feel like my wedding ring is the final piece; it’s kind of like one of those friendship necklaces that you get with the two halves of a heart … except I get to wear both of them! ring2

Pete doesn’t want to have a wedding ring and thats absolutely fine by me. He has my initial tattooed on his ring finger and to me that means so much; but this means that our wedding, summed up by a ring, is down to me!

A ring is such a timeless piece of jewellery and I think should reflect on our special day. If we were to have a bold and blingey wedding with a princess dress and jazzy centrepieces then I think a jewel encrusted ring would reflect that well. However as we want a simple wedding, with lace and pearls and delicate flowers then of course a delicate ring would symbolise this perfectly.

I want my ring to catch my eye in 5 years time, while I’m dropping Jaspy off to school and for me to be sent back to that time. I want to be reminded of the simple elegance of our day and the pure love and happiness that we felt.

With this in mind I’ve been looking at different sites and I found this amazing family run business in San Diego called Anjolee. They enable you to custom make your own design from the metal type and carat weight to the diamond clarity and of course ring size.

I’ve literally spent hours playing around with different designs and even though my initial desire was for a plain band I’m now really keen for a diamond wedding ring. My engagement ring is a plain white gold band with a single diamond so I wouldn’t want any clusters or large diamond on the wedding ring. I see it as the diamond on my engagement is the star of our love story and the band is simply sealing it so I really don’t want it to overpower.

My perfect ring would be a single row of delicate diamonds like this as I think it would compliment my engagement ring perfectly!MW_ms168b_w_m

I think I’m going to have to go and try some on at a jewellers to get a feel for how different styles would go with my engagement ring; but then I’ll definitely be having mine custom made; it just adds that extra something special and unique to our special day!


Do you have any tips for choosing wedding rings? Was yours an easy decision?


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