Capturing the moments

I absolutely love photos, especially of my family. I honestly feel such sadness when I miss a perfect photo opportunity; you know when your child pulls that oh so adorable smile but your phone has just died or your child is standing by the river looking out onto the water and your memory card is full?

Well I knew that our wedding would be no exception, in fact I knew I’d be upping my game. One of the most memorable days in my life – I was going to capture that in anyway possible!


Of course we opted for a photographer – who doesn’t? Unless you know someone who is a wiz at taking photos the chances are one of your certain expenses will be a photographer. We went with the wonderful Mia, from Mia Photography.

We met her at a vintage wedding fair and instantly fell in love with her photography style and lovely personality. We were on the same page instantly and she knew exactly what we wanted – natural shots and nothing too posed (Petes input).

Well she didn’t disappoint, the photo’s turned out beautifully and I’m having such a tough time trying to narrow down what we want for our photo album! Here’s a link to our engagement shoot we did with her as well as a link to her blog post on our special day.


Leading up to the wedding I became obsessed with watching wedding videos. I would spend all of my spare time watching people that I didn’t know get married on Youtube! I knew that I wanted our wedding captured by a videographer and fell in love with the style of Blush Wedding Videos.

I was checking my emails constantly after the wedding to see when our video would be ready and when the day finally came for it to be delivered to my parents house I got so caught up in Jaspers bedtime routine that I forgot! Luckily my parents didn’t watch it without me and I was able to sit with Pete and Jasper later that night, with a few tears, watching our special day back again.

This video will always be so dear to my heart, I don’t think I’ll ever watch it or hear the songs from it without shedding a tear and I’m so pleased we spent that little extra to capture it in this way.


Selfie sticks

Who doesn’t love a good old selfie? We put selfie sticks on most tables for the wedding breakfast and then one by the dance floor along with loads of Photo Booth props. We wanted to make sure to get lots of group shops and different combinations of people that were different to what our photographer captured. Pete&Jess-382 Pete&Jess-400


This was such a fab way to be able to see everyones photos they uploaded to social media. Rather than going through everyones Facebook pages or scrolling through my newsfeeds we placed little signs on tables to ask our guest to use #AveyWedding when they uploaded any pictures to social media. Of course not everyone did but I love being able to search for our hashtag and seeing everyones photos from our day in one place!Pete&Jess-409 Pete&Jess-278


This isn’t something I’m particularly fussed with. Of course the messages people have written in it are wonderful but I’m so much more about the pictures and videos. We had to do this though, I knew I’d regret not having a little place for people to give us well wishes so I just bought a standard book from The Range and we keep it along with our books at home.Pete&Jess-407

Heart dropbox

I’d seen this a few time on Pinterest and just loved the concept. Your guests sign their names on hearts and drop them into the frame which can then be displayed at home. It’s a wonderful reminder of who came to your wedding and looks pretty gorgeous too!

Unfortunately the one I bought from eBay was terribly made. The frame felt like it was going to fall apart and the hearts slipped behind each other not giving the desired effect. My mums really kindly fixed it for me though so I’ll still be able to have it pride of place 🙂Pete&Jess-411

There are loads of others ways we could have captured our day. We went to our friends wedding a few weeks ago and they had all of the guests names hanging up on little tags, there was then a polaroid camera there for you to take a picture and replace it with your name tag. The couple will then put all of the pictures in their guest book – such a fab idea!

How did you capture your wedding? 


Thanks for reading!

Jess x

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