We love Hartbeeps

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been taking Jasper to Hartbeeps class at Kiddicare and it’s been amazing!

When I first enquired about it I was unsure whether or not he’d benefit as it’s for 0-4 years but that’s a pretty big age range developmentally isn’t it? The lady who runs it, Dani, assured me that it would be fine and she wasn’t wrong!

Jasper really enjoys the classes. Of course there are a few tears as like i said it’s really stimulating for him, much more than he’s used to at home, but for the most part he sits bright eyed taking it all in.

The class lasts just under an hour and cost £31 for a half term. Dani also seems really flexible for missed classes and carrying them over or paying on the next session etc which made me feel relaxed about paying for a bulk load.

Each session has had a theme so far, the first was a teddy bears picnic / queen bee birthday party 20140618-211759-76679005.jpg


The next was a sports day – here’s Jasper with his winning stripes and ‘the tortoise and the hare outfit’


This week was doctors and nurses … Jasper was not too keen on the costume this time, it turned into a battle between all the parents and kiddies to get a cute picture when most of them just wanted to put the hats in their mouths!


Although varied, the classes still have a lot of structure. I’m yet to learn the lyrics (no matter how catchy they are) but the sessions start with the same song about checking that baby has a clean nappy, there’s then a song where the babies are given steering wheels to hold and we drive them along a bumpy road, then one with hand puppets. There’s also one with a sun that we all hold and woosh up in the air like a parachute and a few more catchy jingles I can’t remember at the moment; but the consistency I think will be really good for Jasper (and help me to memorise those lyrics!)

Each session makes use of bubbles, shakers and teddies and then a chill out session where the lights are turned off and the babies can snuggle with a blanket and pillow. Jasper loves this as he gets to stare at the disco ball and Dani gives out glow shapes whilst walking around with twinkly light gloves. It all sounds pretty hectic but it’s honestly so much fun for Muma and baby!


At the end there are more bubbles, some feathers sprinkled around and then we all pack up together.

I love how constant the session is, there’s never a moment waiting around, it’s onto the next before baby can become irritable; but at the same time there’s enough time for baba to take it all in.

The only downside to this is that there’s not really much time to get to know the other mums. If I talk I feel like I’m interrupting the class so unless I make conversation before or after it’s pretty tricky to make mummy friends.

Dani is fab though; she’s pregnant and yet has so much energy and really gives each child lots of attention.

The class size has varied each time ranging from 7-12 kiddies which is a good size and not too hectic, although those kiddies can sure make some noise! Jasper is the youngest, the majority are around 6 months and a couple look about 1 year. Some have been going since they were Jasper’s age so I’m hoping more little ones will join.

Overall for our first baby class we’re loving it! It provides so much sensory stimulation for Jasper while teaching me some fun songs and activity ideas for him. I’ve found myself humming the lyrics and actions at home and doing the odd bit of teddy bear picnic role play!


What classes do you do with your little ones?

Thanks for reading! X

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  • Dianne
    4th July 2014 at 3:59 pm Reply

    You will soon be singing those songs and then you wont be able to stop! x

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