VEGANUARY – I did it! (Sort of)

Guys it’s the beginning of Feb and that means one thing … okay it means a lot of things but for this goal setting mama it means the end of Veganuary and a chance to reflect on how it went! Well the first thing I can say is that it went; I did it, sort of (with a couple of minor hiccups) and I couldn’t be more proud of myself!

My dates were a little off, I went from Dec 27th-Jan 27th but that’s one month of living on a plant base diet and apart from the three Thorntons chocolates, two spreads of flora butter (not the free from one), and a portion of quorn mince rather than the new vegan quorn mince – I was meat, dairy and egg free. On the 27th I ate a pizza with cheese on it; I completely forgot to ask for no cheese and when it came I thought as I’d done a whole month already I’d just see how I felt and oh my goodness within half an hour I was so bloated and uncomfortable. That showed me straight away that dairy didn’t agree with me and had been the cause of me feeling that way before changing my diet.

I also went to a cooking event with Asda last week which will most likely be my next blog post on here and I did try and bite of shrimp and chorizo and even thought they tasted lovely it didn’t make me want to go back to eating meat at all!

So aside from those little bits of meat and *lot* of cheese since Veganuary I’ve been living on a plant based diet and absolutely loving it!


I feel so much lighter. Gone are the days of feeling sluggish and bloated after each meal. I now not only physically feel lighter with all of the goodness in my body but mentally I feel lighter simply from knowing what I’m fuelling my body with.

I have my cooking mojo back. There’s no denying that being on a plant based diet makes it slightly harder to just rustle something up. You do have to put a little extra thought into your food shopping and meal preparation and I feel that’s a hurdle I could have fallen at our of laziness or simply lack of time but I really embraced it and it’s made me a lot more passionate about cooking!

My skin is improving. This may be more to do with the vegan skincare products I’ve been using rather than the plant based diet but as the products are vegan it’s still relevant I guess! I have less spots, it’s less dull overall and is just much brighter.

Migraines have decreased.  I was getting these weekly before I changed my diet but since cutting out eggs, meat and dairy I’ve only had one in the past month! I went two weeks without having one at all and then when I had it I decided to start taking magnesium supplements which I was recommended as they help with tension. It was amazing going two weeks without one and since taking the supplements I’ve now gone a further three weeks without having a migraine so that is just fantastic!

No poorly stomach. I used to suffer quite badly with a poorly stomach in the mornings; it was definitely linked with anxiety and IBS but since cutting out meats, eggs and mainly dairy I’ve had really great (albeit frequent) digestion.


I’m pretty tired. This was a lot worse during the first week and has definitely improved since but overall I would say I’m more tired than usual. I have been told that the magnesium supplements may be influencing this so I’m going to try adding in lots of extra iron in the form of supplements as well as tofu, pulses, nuts, seeds, beans, fortified cereals etc.

Will I continue?  – Hell yes! I have never felt more in tune or in control of my body than I do now. Completing the months challenge has given me so much motivation and confidence to carry on and it’s not only a mental desire to do it but a physical one too. I’m feeling the health benefits already and I can’t wait to see how much better I feel in a few months and even a years time. I’m also a lot more passionate about the animal cruelty side of things too; the thought of eating meat now makes me physically feel sick and where my initial instinct at the thought of eating meat would be the negative health implications now it’s images of slaughterhouses and living animals. This mindset has only really kicked in the last day or two after watching @matt_cama on Instagram who shared his experience visiting a slaughterhouse in Bali. If you’re interested I would definitely recommend watching the highlights on his page as it really was such an eye opener for me and not only reinforced my decision to be on a plant based diet but opened the doors to so many other benefits of dong so as well. Please don’t at all think I am preaching but if you are curious it really sends a powerful message.

I’m hoping to share lots more vegan content on here as well as my Instagram feed and Youtube channel so please do make sure that you’re following on those platforms as well. I’ll be sharing me vegan skincare routine, some go-to meals ideas as well as continuing to share my progress and changes!


Did you take part in Veganuary? If so how did you do and if not will you be giving it a go next time or even now?

Thanks for reading!

Jess x


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