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I’m not one to sit still. I get itchy feet a lot and would always change my mind on what job I wanted to have, what country I wanted to live in and what outfit to wear; that was until Jasper. Okay I still take an age to decide on what to wear, and we’ve moved house three times in less than two years so I’m not quite staying still but one thing I’m pretty set on is Jaspers nappy choice.

We used Pampers with Rhys; my friends used Pampers with their babies so naturally when it came to Jasper, I followed suit. He’s never had any issues, no leakages and hardly any nappy rash however when Chicco asked if I’d like to try out their first ever brand of nappies in the UK I said I’d love to give them a go! I thought it would be a great chance to see whether Jaspy would be okay with other brands; (I’m not being an overprotective muma but he has such sensitive skin that I do worry.) With him starting nursery and my schedule becoming a lot busier, meaning he’s spending more time with family, friends and nursery peeps; I don’t want to be too rigid with what brand of nappies he can have!

The DryFit nappies are top sellers in Italy (where they’re from) and are made to be slim, easy to wear, moveable, comfortable and guarantee maximum absorbency. What I love is that they’re extra breathable reducing heat and sweating – perfect for holibobs!

So I decided to give them a go whilst we were away, we took two packs and there were enough (minus one each for the aeroplane home) to last the whole holiday!

Well they worked fab; Jaspy had no leakages whatsoever. He doesn’t get any with Pampers so it’s great to know that the Chicco nappies are on apr.  Rhys had his usual amount of leaks, maybe 3 or 4 during the week; for some reason drinks go straight through him and his nappies fill up extremely quickly! He always seems to leak regardless of the size of nappy or brand and even if we change his nappy more regularly it still happens.

The boys were in swim nappies for most of the day but for meal times, naps and from around 3pm onwards they were in the Chicco nappies. They stayed comfortable for the boys and worked really even through the heat, rolling and crawling around, buggy rides over wobbly dirt tracks and a higher intake of fluids due to the heat.

We were really pleased with them and I definitely won’t hesitate to use them again. I’m definitely still a Pampers lady, I love that you can get them almost anywhere, but if I’m in Boots I’ll certainly pick up some Chicco nappies, especially if they’re on offer!

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