What to pack for your toddler’s holiday – TRAVEL SERIES

Hello wonderful people! If you follow me on my social media accounts (if not then get to clicking … please) then you’ll know that we went on our first ever family holiday! Okay our first as a four; last year we took Jaspy away when he was around 3 months old but Rhys was too young to leave his muma.

I thought I’d film a bit of a travel series to let you guys know what we’ve all packed. I love love love looking at what other people take on holiday, especially for their kids as let’s be honest, it’s always a bit of a nightmare trying to decide what they’ll need and want isn’t it?

We did okay; we used pretty much everything we took, there was nothing that we had and didn’t need; however we did run into a fail at the airport coming home where we ran out of nappies and milk! The way I saw it was, it was a night flight and the boys don’t have milk or their nappies changed after 7pm anyway (unless they need it). So, we stuck to our guns, prayed they didn’t poop and made it home safely with not hungry or crap covered babes.

Here’s what we took:



Thanks for watching lovelies!

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