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When we booked our holiday to Lanzarote I was so excited and yet slightly apprehensive about how we’d manage to travel on a plane with Jasper. I knew we’d do it, and there would be at least some tears on both mine and Jasper’s parts but I wanted to make it as easy and stress free as possible.

The journey was actually relatively stress-free and we were even complimented on his lack of screaming and majorly cute face! Here are my top tips and essentials for travelling on a plane with a newborn:

Apply for bambinos passport early

Don’t leave it too late like we did. We had to push our holiday back once and very nearly didn’t make the second date. We decided to apply for Jaspy’s passport when all that backlog happened at the passport office earlier this year and the panic was awful! I must have called that office 10 times a day and it didn’t help that so many people on Facebook were posting about their delayed passports and missed holidays!

Pack in advance Do not leave it to the last minute to get your bags packed. You think you need to take a lot of things out for your baby on a day to day basis ? Well you need a tad bit more when travelling. You need to take into account that if baby has a poop explosion on the plane you can’t just pop to the shop and buy something; same goes for puking, leaky nappies and spilt food. Make sure to get everything ahead of time incase your local shop is out of stock or something.


Be prepared Here’s a small list of what you’re going to need – nappies, nappy cream, baby wipes, nappy bags, a couple of changes of clothes (more if you’re on a long flight), bibs, muslins, dummies, bottles, formula, hand gel, comforter, blanket, toys to keep baby occupied. You’ll also need a carrier for the airport – it’s so much easier to manoeuvre through the crowds than a pushchair and packs up a lot smaller! I use my Baby Bjorn Miracle which is a dream on my back!!

Check in online There are so many queues at the airport. If it’s not the check -in it’s security or bag drop. Do as much as you can online to minimise airport time and alleviate those queues!

Plan your route Take into account feeding times, nap times and of course, duty free shopping time! You may be travelling to the airport at feeding time or checking in at nap time so try to stick to these. Baby will be out of routine anyway with jetlag so keeping their routine as normal as possible is best. You may need to sit in the back with baby to feed them in the car or let them nap in the carrier but it’s so worth it!

Don’t overpack unless your going to the middle of nowhere
Although I said that packing enough is important; don’t overpack. Carrying a baby and a ten ton bag is not ideal. Try to choose light toys and remember that once you land there will be shops … unless you’re going to the middle of know where – in which case I;m afraid you’ll be carrying bags like a packhorse!

Pass the parcel … I mean baby – If you’re travelling with family or friends then share the load. Take it in turns to carry baby and allow yourself time to stretch your legs and use the bathroom!

Finally, here’s a reminder of some top essentials:

  • Baby carrier
  • Toys
  • Neck pillow
  • Hand sanitiser

What top tips would you give for travelling on a plane with a baby?

Thanks for reading! xx


  • Dianne
    13th November 2014 at 1:32 pm Reply

    Jasper was as good as gold. People even commented on how good he was. One group didnt even know there was a baby on the plane x

    • Jessica
      2nd December 2014 at 9:36 pm Reply

      Such a little angel!

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