Top tips for a teething baby

I really need to have a word with all of the mums I know because I was seriously under warned about teething! Sure I was told that it would be bad but feck this is another level!

No lie, I’ve been this close (pinches fingers together) to calling an ambulance over the past week! Ok I was feeling ill already and we’ve had no sleep so I was probably a tad dramatic but wow … Just wow!

Jasper is really suffering bless him. Usually his teeth don’t really bother him. I know when he’s teething because he dribbles like a champ and puts anything and everything in his mouth but the last few days he’s just been inconsolable.

Normally there’s always something to calm him, a cuddle, milk, a toy; but when he get’s in his teething states it’s one of those ‘pick me up, no put me down, stand up with me, you can’t sit down holding me’ kind of moments.


We’ve had to be on red alert, having everything at hand to soothe him and here’s how we’ve been managing:

Teething gel – Teething gel is an instant way to help numb those gums. I’ve tried them all, bongela, calgel, ambesol; but the one I’ve found to calm relieve Jaspy quicker is Dentinox. It must numb quicker and he actually tries to suck it off my finger!

Teething powder – Again I’ve tried a few but my favourite is definitely Nelson’s. We found with Ashton and Parsons although it works well, you can only pour half the contents of the sachet in – how the heck do you know if it’s half? I then find the other half is always less because as us mums do I end up going ‘just a bit more …. little bit more’ haha. The sachet doesn’t seal up once it’s been opened so it often spills out and you have to leave quite a length of time between doses.

With Nelsons you can give baby the whole sachet and can give it much more frequently – fab!

Teething ring – For some reason Jaspy isn’t too fussed on teething rings and toys; he’d much rather my finger! I do try and keep one (toy not finger) in my bag at all times though especially if it’s one that you put in the freezer first to keep it cool.

Frozen food – What better way to soothe those gums than by getting some extra calories and goodness in their tummies at the same time! I often freeze banana pieces, apple slices and give Jaspy carrot and cucumber sticks straight from the fridge.

I also make him puree once lollies which could be any combination from spag bol to fruit and veg!

Calpol – This is an absolute saviour. Jaspy loves the taste and I can almost count down till the screaming stops. It really works like clockwork and relieves his pain so well. I always use it in conjunction with gels or powders as they give the instant relief but this helps to keep those other symptoms at bay (poorly tummy, temperature etc).

Bibs – There’s a really fab bib brand called Cheeky choppers (I did a review last year) and the bibdana style bib has a silicone point perfect for teething! It’s fab as baby can’t drop or lose the teether keeping it as hygienic as possible and very convenient!

Fluids – I don’t know why but when Jaspy is teething he seems to either be really off his milk or extra super thirsty! The majority of the time he’s off his milk so I try at any time possible to get fluids in his system. It’s so important not to let baby get dehydrated especially if they get a poorly tummy or temperature alongside their teeth; so I always keep a sippy cup of water and a spare bottle of formula at hand.

Chill out – When baby is in pain (and mummy is dealing with it) he last thing you want is a busy week of baby dates and activities. Have a few duvet days, go for some relaxing walks to get fresh air and get the extra naps in while you can. Of course you may go strir crazy and require some adult conversation but just try not to be out and about too much. Imagine if you were in a lot of pain and someone kept popping you in and out of the car, putting you in front of a load of cooing mumas and crazy babies … I certainly wouldn’t like it.

So those are my top tips. They really are making these 5 … yes 5 teeth coming through that little bit more bearable! If you have any tips I’d love to know them?


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