Top tips for a poorly bambino

Today has not been Jasper’s day. Nor was yesterday. In fact we can just about write off this whole week!

Monday Jasper had his 3rd set of jabs which although have seemed to get easier for me (the first time the nurse had to hug me), are definitely getting harder for him.

At the time he cried, a lot, which was expected but it’s the aftermath that’s gotten to me. The achey legs, grizzly mood – he’s just not been himself.

They say that when you have an immunisation sometimes you show symptoms of whatever you’re being immunised for and I really feel like this is the case. It’s almost like he has had a little bug.

He’s been off his milk, which for a baby who doesn’t drink that much anyway, isn’t an easy thing for me to sit back and just ‘see what happens’. Usually he’d have 4-6oz per feed but he’s been stopping at 3 each time.

He’s been sleeping a lot more in the day, I’d say 6 hours in the day compared to his usual 3, and his evening sleep routine has been all over the place. Tonight he went to bed at 8:30, last night he was up for an hour from 2am chit chatting … not good for a sleepy muma!

He’s had explosive nappies, sicky burps and inconsolable cries. Let’s just say Friday couldn’t come quick enough when Pete would be able to take over for a little bit!

Not only have we had to have multiple outfit changes per day but a lot of trial and error, always ending in one of us in tears.

Anyway, throughout the course of the week I’ve learnt some do’s and don’ts I thought I’d share with you incase you come across a poorly bambino with no diagnosis other than – poorly:

Never wake a sleeping baby20140823-104049-38449889.jpg
I’ve always heard this piece of advice but when I started the Gina Ford contented baby routine I realised that restricting his sleep time in the day made him sleep better at night.

When bambino’s poorly however, just let them sleep. Today he’s probably slept for 6 hours already and he’s obviously needed it. So what if we have a few restless nights, I’m just going to let his body do what it needs to do…right? #passmewine

Duvet day20140823-104047-38447606.jpg
I’ve always been so obsessed with getting him dressed every morning and making sure that I took him out that I was probably making him worse. Today we stayed in our pjs (changed multiple times due to sicky burps) and just chilled on the sofa. Fresh air is of course really important so we had a little walk around the garden … but what’s one day without braving the public?

Don’t dress to impress
20140823-104049-38449516.jpgChances are if baby has done a sicky burp or nappy explosion, they’re going to do another one. Dress in your comfies that you don’t mind getting … ahem … stained! That goes for you and bambino by the way!

Numb those gums
If baby is showing signs of teething than pop on some teething gel. Don’t simply hope that a teething ring will do, they need that pain relief too. I’m going to do a post on the different products we’ve tried so I’ll make sure to link up when I do!

Clear the passage20140823-105333-39213396.jpg
That probably sounds gross but I’m talking about bambinos nose. Jasper gets incredibly snuffly so we’ve been using the NUK nasal degongester. We did try another one from Summer but it broke in a second and didn’t suck up anything! This one gets all of those bogies out and leaves my shoulder relatively snot free!

Your public can wait
Oh you had plans? Cancel them. Dishes? They can wait! Unless it’s urgent, anything you need to do can wait, baby needs attention now more than ever so let the washing pile up and focus on bambino.

Creature comforts20140820-215424-78864394.jpg
Does your bambino have  a favourite snuggly toy? Perhaps a blanket or rattle? Jasper loves his rabbit comforter. It’s been by his side all of this week and I have found that it’s helped to settle him a little bit when all else fails.

What top tips would you give for a poorly bambino?

Thanks for reading xx


  • Amy
    23rd August 2014 at 10:11 am Reply

    Brilliant tips! Hope he gets better soon

    • Jessica
      26th August 2014 at 12:37 pm Reply

      Thanks lovely 🙂

  • Nicola
    23rd August 2014 at 11:14 am Reply

    Oh poor little Jaspy, I hope he feels better soon! Aria has her first jabs on Tuesday, so glad I read this before then! Xx

    • Jessica
      26th August 2014 at 12:38 pm Reply

      He’s tip top now 🙂 Poor dude had teething, jabs and I think a growth spurt all in one! How was little Aria? xx

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