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As soon as I found out that I was pregnant one of the first things that I did was download a load of pregnancy apps for my iPhone.

I probably downloaded about 10, filtered half of those straight away, got rid of a few more over the next couple of days and stuck with three that I found really easy and useful.

The three that have seen me right through up until  now are:

  • The Bump
  • My Pregnancy Today – Baby Centre
  • Emma’s Diary

Then about a month ago I was given the opportunity to review the Pregnancy+ app by Health and Parenting, so I now have four apps that I use religiously to check on little Rabbit’s progress.


Every Saturday I get a reminder from each app to let me know what week I’m in and what stage me and Rabbit are at, and then during the week I can check on appointments I should be attending, tips, advice, to-do’s and more!

Here’s a quick breakdown of each app and what I think of them …

The bump

photo 4-4


This is a fab app for keeping on top of what you need to do each week. As a keen list-maker it’s fab for me as I can tick off everything that I need to do each day. I think having daily to-do’s is a great way to keep control over your pregnancy and feel organised and calm with what you need to do and when.

photo 2-4My favourite thing about this app is the ‘how big is baby?’ section! Currently Rabbit is as big as a winter melon and each fruit or veg comparison also gives you the average weight, height and progress details of baby. This actually makes my Saturday morning being able to lay in bed and tell Pete what fruit our little boy currently is! haha

photo 1-4The downside to this app is that it does include weekly prenatal visits to your midwife and I’m not sure if this happens in the US but in the UK as you know, your midwife appointments are once every two weeks during the later stage and even further apart in the early stages.


My Pregnancy Today – 

This one also comes with a calendar which includes facts, tips and progress of you and your bambino.

photo 3-4

It includes a fruit and veg baby size comparison too which also includes the height, weight and progress of bambino. I know it seems silly to use two apps that both have the fruit and veg size comparison but often the two apps compare little man to different fruits or veggies of the same size so I do get different info from them both.

photo 1-5

My favourite things about this app are the checklist – (especially when it includes things like being lazy and having a good hair day) and the monthly videos of bambinos progress in the womb! At the moment i’m on the labour and birth video – eek!

photo 4-3

The downside to this app is that there is no sound to the video. I’m sure that there should be but on my phone it doesn’t seem to work and I’d love to be able to hear the explanation of what’s going on with Rabbit at each stage!

photo 2-5


Emma’s Diary


This is probably the one that I use the least out of all of the apps if I’m honest. It gives a fab weekly update with height, weight and progress plus a little image but unfortunately that’s the only update that it gives.

photo 5-2

My favourite thing about this app is the ‘Read Emma’s Diary’ section which is a fab weekly blog update that runs alongside your stages of pregnancy.

The downside to this app is that there is no checklist or to-do list plus there are only weekly updates so it doesn’t get used as often as the others.



I love that with this app your picture is in the top left corner, it makes it feel a lot more personal an unique to me. It’s also great that there’s a day and week counter as it’s quite nice to know just how many days you’ve been brewing your bump for!

photo 1-2photo 3-2


The app includes a daily blog containing useful info and tips …

photo 2-3


2d and 3d scan images of bump at each stage …

photo 3-3

and then a place to add your own to-do list, appointments schedule, baby name’s list, item’s to buy and important contact numbers to remember! This is fab for me as although it’s nice to be given a to-do list, I do love making my own! Again this makes the app really personal and unique!
photo 2-2

The app then includes a baby section with daily and monthly updates, and what’s fab and not included in any of the other apps – a kick counter! Now I have tried to not focus on number of kicks and merely focus on whether Rabbit’s movements are less or more than usual but I do think that this feature is great for those who like to keep track on each kick!

photo 4-2

Then, not to leave out muma, there is a me section. Here you can add in your birth plan, again something that isn’t included in the other apps! You can keep track of your own weight too and there is a useful guide which includes food, labour, exercise and medical advice!
photo 5-1

My favourite things about this app are all of the extras that you don’t get on any other app (any that I’ve used anyway) like the kick counter, birth plan and personalised to-do list. It’s really unique and can be tailor made for your own pregnancy.

The only downside is that I was only made aware of it in the later stage of my pregnancy so I haven’t had a chance to make the most of all of it’s features.

The Pregnancy+ app by Health & Parenting can be downloaded from  the iTunes store and more info is available at

The app is also available in as a free version so why not check it out, it really is a fab addition to any yummy mummy to be’s essentials!


Thanks for reading xx





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