Toddler Sleep Regression

Well this came as a wonderful surprise. Jasper didn’t sleep through the night until he was 13 months and 6 days … I know the hours and minutes too if you’re interested?

Instead of giving muma peaceful nights and lie ins galore to make up for it, at 16 months, Jasper has decided to go back to his old tricks and sleep like a newborn! Pass the coffee NOW.

Last night was a typical night, we followed our usual bedtime routine and at 7pm I went to put him in his cot with his bottle. Instead of drinking himself into a milk induced slumber, he cried before he’d even reached the cot, pointing at the door and trying to distract me with his cuteness. Being knackered after many a night like this, I just got into his cot with him while he clambered all over me, playing peekaboo and eventually wore himself out, drank his bottle and fell asleep around 8pm.

He was then up at midnight crying a really upset cry. I thought it was his teeth as he carried on crying even when I picked him up so I gave him Calpol, teething powder and gel and then laid him in bed with me to soothe him. Well this was just the best thing ever for him, he became manically hyper, crawling around the bed, launching himself at me and finding it all too hilarious. So after an hour, I laid him back in his bed with a bottle.

Surely after being up for that long he’d wan to sleep right? Nope, he finished the bottle and cried out again just as I’d fallen back to sleep. I brought him into bed with me as quite frankly if I’d stood up with him for much longer I’d have fallen asleep on the spot! He slept through from there, until 6am when he woke up as bright as a button and ready to play.

Now I know as you’ve been reading this alarm bells have probably been going off in your head. ‘You shouldn’t have gotten into his bed’, ‘you shouldn’t have given in and given him a night feed’, ‘ you definitely shouldn’t put him in your bed with you’ but oh my goodness I’m exhausted. It’s a vicious cycle and all these ‘quick fixes’ will only make it worse in the long run I know, but I’ve honestly been to tired to care about the repercussions, until now. Now that I realise it’s not just his teeth or a leap. It’s been going on for too long that I’m afraid it’s become a new habit.

I’m going to try and up his food intake in the day, limit his daytime sleep to 2 hours and go back to giving him a middle of the day bottle. I might also try and put him to bed slightly later, but then I may need to give him a power nap in the afternoon. We’re pretty good with his nighttime routine but I’ll focus on that and maybe try and make it even more calming for him.

I’m also going to have to go back to controlled comforting and going cold turkey on the night feeds. If you have any advice I’d love to read it in the comments below, I’m seriously going back to my old fed up self and am hoping this isn’t going to be as long a process as when we first started trying to get him to sleep through!

Thanks for reading!

Jess x



  • AlongCameJay (@AlongCameJay)
    8th September 2015 at 6:01 pm Reply

    Oh Jess let me say that even with Jay being an angel baby in relation to sleep up until age 1 i also have had my fair share of wake up on the hour every hour it’s insane! Payback time. I can only put it down to teething and sometimes I think if they’ve not eaten enough they wake up hungry. Jay sleeps for 2 hours 11.30an -1.30 if for whatever reason he nods off after 3pm in the afternoon… I’m done for . I’ve limit his nap time to two hours . He goes to bed much later now not ideal but has started to sleep through 9-7.30am … I aim to get him into his cot at 8pm but it’s not working he wants to play. Or blow raspberries at me. . It’s truly exhausting stuff isn’t it. I think you do whatever you need to. You too need your sleep. Something I’ve not tried yet is playing classic fm on low volume in his nursery. I’ve also found when I’ve used he calpol vapour plug in he’s slept through but that’s when he’s had the sniffles. I so hope your nights get better. I’m sure we will look back on this and might even chuckle about it. Well I hope so anyway. Good luck beautiful xx

    • Jessica
      8th September 2015 at 8:04 pm Reply

      Oh I do hope we can look back at this and laugh! I’m definitely going to try putting Jasper down to bed a bit later and classical music is a great idea. I have his dream sheep and tranquil turtle which play tunes but he doesn’t seem to like those. There’s also a book that everyones raving about that has subliminal messages, ‘the Rabbit that won’t sleep’ I think it’s called. I’m going to try the audio version of that if all else fails!

      Thanks for the advice lovely, I hope Jay cuts out those hourly wake ups too!

  • Sarah
    8th September 2015 at 7:29 pm Reply

    Oh poor you!!! My advice would be to just cut the day time nap for now. He slept well on the amount of food and bottles you gave him before so it could just be that he needs less sleep and more outside time and play that really works the brain to tire him out?
    Obviously do what you feel is best but just thought I’d pass on my advice as I’ve seen this a lot after working in a nursery. Good luck x

    • Jessica
      8th September 2015 at 7:57 pm Reply

      HI lovely, thanks so much for your advice. The only problem with that is that when he doesn’t have enough sleep in the day you can really notice it. He gets grumpy, clumsy and clingy. I don’t think he’d manage no nap at all but I guess I could cut it down slightly. Today he slept for 50 minutes and woke because of a noise, he then spent the whole afternoon fighting sleep, it’s so frustrating. I’ll cut it down and see what happens 🙂

  • The London Mum
    9th September 2015 at 8:25 am Reply

    William goes through these phases. He’s currently going through it now and it’s so exhausting. Usually it ends after a couple of weeks so I assume it’s some kind of leap. I bring him into our bed too. Far too exhausting to not bring him into our bed x

    • Jessica
      15th September 2015 at 9:52 am Reply

      I think it’s ending now for us, he’s sleeping through every other night but did end up in our bed last night! They’re such pickles! I hope Will-I-Am is over it soon too!

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