Toddler Sensory Baths

Guys I’m so excited to share this post with you all. If you love the idea of messy play and sensory play but recoil at the thought of the mess that can be made then this is the activity for you!

For months I’ve pinned sensory baskets, rainy day activities, messy crafts; all with good intentions to do them all at home but all left for another day when I don’t fancy lining my floor with newspaper and chasing a sticky Jasper around with baby wipes.

I then thought what better place to do such wonderfully fun activities than the bath! Here’s why sensory baths are THE BEST type of messy/sensory fun:

The mess is contained

You don’t have to worry about your little one running off across your cream floor with their sticky fingers sprawled out towards the new sofa. Once their in the bath, their in and unless they’ve got a good throwing arm, the mess will pretty much stay contained.

It’s easy to clean up

Depending on what your using you can either scoop it out once bambino is finished or even let it go down the plug hole. (obviously check whether it’s okay to go down the plug hole first). Being in the bath you can simply wipe down or hose down and then strip bambino and fill up the tub for a proper bubbly bath!

I have three different ideas to share with you today and lots more in the pipeline!Check out the video and if you have any questions on how I did anything or even any suggestions for more sensory baths ideas then please do comment below 🙂 We’re going to do cornflour and glitter jelly this weekend with Rhys!


1) Rice Crispies

These make a crunchy fun and are great to mix in with bath toys for bambini to rummage around for. Add some water at the end to hear them snap, crackle and pop! Definitely don’t let these goes down the drain, one or two that slip through won’t do any harm but a whole bunch could clog it up. Scoop them out with a cup, rinse away any residue and you’re done!Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 08.35.20

2) Jelly

Mix up a batch of jelly and for extra fun add pieces of fruit that your little one can find and eat! Alternatively for a halloween twist add some spooky plastic spiders – just make sure your little one knows not to eat them! The majority of this I scooped out but anything that had kind of melted I simply washed away.DSC08733

3) Food-coloured Spaghetti

This takes a little more prep but is still super easy! Cook up your spaghetti as normal, rinse it in cold water so it’s cool to handle. Pop the spaghetti into a resealable freezer bag and add a few drops of food colouring; for more than one colour divide the spaghetti into different bags. Leave it to sink in for a little while and voila! If there seems to be a lot of excess dye than simply rinse the spaghetti in the bath before little one gets in!Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 08.34.47

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