Toddler Room Essentials*

As much as I’d love to call Jasper a baby forever, he is officially a toddler. Well at 21 months of age he’s been a toddler for a little while now but the tantrums, attitude and chatterbox ways have definitely confirmed this of late!

Well every ‘official’ toddler needs an official toddler room, and with our recent house move (yep another one) we’ve been hard at work getting the boys room perfect for their requirements.

Here are a few things I think every toddler needs in their room to make sure they’re comfortable, stimulated, safe and entertained:

Gro egg – These in my opinion are essential from the newborn phase right up until toddlers. The Gro Egg by the Gro Company is a room thermometer which changes colour to allow you to maintain the prefect temp for your bambino. Blue means too cold, red is too hot and yellow is just right; and just incase you forget the colour code (baby brain gets to us all parents!) there’s a handy smily face/sad face indicator too.

Not only does this give you peace of mind it also acts as a handy night light for little one and you can get different cute shells to go over them like ‘Orla the Owl’ (below) and ‘Mikey the Monkey’.


Blackout blind/ curtains – If you find that your child wakes too early or won’t go off to sleep if it’s still light out in the Summer months then blackouts are essential. As soon as we made the switch to blackout curtains in our old house Jasper started sleeping in a lot later and went off like a dream (as long as he could see his little Gro egg nightlight).

Now that we’re in our new house the boys window is huge and we need to have a custom blind made, so they currently have a bright pink one from the little girl that lived here before us.

Go Clock – Another winner from the Gro Company; the Gro Clock is perfectly suited to toddlers and beyond as a sleep training and learning clock. If you find your child wakes up in the night or too early in the morning purely because they think it’s time to wake up then this is for you. The clock face is blue throughout the night with a moon and stars display to signify that it’s time to sleep. The stars slowly disappear as time goes on and the moon fades into a sun, changing the display screen to yellow to let your kiddiwinks know that it’s time to wake up. Of course this isn’t used to wake your child, simply to let them know that it’s okay to get up and either go into your parents room or call for them to come and get you.

You set the time that you want your child to wake up and the timer adjust accordingly; this can also be used for nap time!

Jasper doesn’t quite understand it yet, I mean he’s still at the wonderful stage of ‘If I want to get up I’ll get up’, but Rhys follows it well and I’m confident that Jasper will grasp it soon!


Reading corner – My boys love books; a love that I’ve had since I was a little one. As much as I want them to read books all day, everyday, I do like to allocate down time for them to read in a quiet space. The boys have these little book shelves in their room where they can choose a book to read before bed time. It brings a really nice routine to bedtime, they know to choose one book at a time, put it away before choosing another one and really like to sit down and get lost in a story.

I try to rotate the books regularly when the boys get bored of them and like to keep series together so they can get a feel for different book styles, e.g. the ‘that’s not my …’ series. I also swap in some seasonal books like at Christmas and Halloween.

This is a really fab way to make your childrens bedroom a calming environment and somewhere for down time and chill.


Storage boxes – I am a storage box addict; they’re my absolute saviour! I can’t stand toys being scattered all over the floor and just love organising the boys toys into different categories and spaces.

I don’t like to have too many toys in their bedroom as like I said earlier I like to keep their bedroom as a calming space but it’s lovely to have toys in their if we need a change of scenery from downstairs.

This Ikea unit is wonderful and the storage boxes are from the Great Little Trading Co who have a wonderful range of designs. I didn’t want boxes in every space and thought the odd toy or decoration kept it nice and simple yet fun for the boys.



What are your toddler room essentials? I’d love some more ideas as we’re still in the middle of decorating the boys room. I’ll be doing a toddler room tour as soon as it’s complete and can’t wait to share the new prints I’ve got to put on their walls!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x

*This post was sponsored by The Gro Company, all opinions are my own and we would highly recommend every product mentioned. 


  • aliceyoung8
    17th January 2016 at 8:22 am Reply

    Great post. We love our Gro clock Amelia’s really got the whole not getting up until the sun comes up thing now! Also love the storage boxes!:)

    • Jessica
      21st January 2016 at 12:25 pm Reply

      Aww she’s such a clever little bean! I can’t wait for Jaspy to grasp the concept!

  • Andrea
    17th January 2016 at 10:13 am Reply

    I love the reading corner, we are currently redesigning the boys room as they need bunk beds (the room is tiny). Im hoping we can have a small reading nook as they are obsessed with books. x

    • Jessica
      21st January 2016 at 12:25 pm Reply

      It really is so wonderful to be able to have a reading corner, the boys love theirs and its a really nice thing when they share a room to sit and read together 🙂

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