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Last week I posted about Jasper’s baby massage experience and I’m really excited to say that massage has remained a pretty staple part in our daily routine. I honestly think he’s starting to recognise when I’m going to massage him and I swear he’s learnt to cry until I put him in the bath … this boy loves a bath!

So as well as using the techniques I’d learnt from my Newstork Times DVD I have been uber excited to incorporate some Tiddley Pom into Jaspers pamper sessions … I mean the name is cute enough without even knowing what it is right!?

Tiddley Pom was created by Emma Nash, a specialist in organic and natural skincare. She created a spa experience to not only give bambinos safe skincare products but  to create mutisensory experiences for babies and bonding for parents and babies.

The aromatherapy essential oils work by calming the limbic system of the brain which is what affects babies mood and emotions. This not benefits by aiding babies sleep but also relieves tummy aches and helps with irritability and restlessness.

I was so lucky to have been sent the Organic Baby Massage Experience which came in this gift set box:

photo 1-99

The packaging is just adorable. I always think that when a lot of time and effort has gone into the packaging it makes a world of difference. You can really tell that not only baby but relaxation were in mind when this was designed. Before even reading or smelling the products I knew that lavender would be included from the lilac shades on the box and this made me really excited as I used lavender oil soo much during pregnancy for relaxation.

The box included:

  • Baby Massage DVD
  • Instructional book
  • Step 1 – Organic Baby Wash
  • Step 2 – Organic Massage Oil
  • Step 3  – Organic Soothing Lotion
  • Step 4 – Nappy Balm

The packaging also had an insert to make this cute and handy storage box for the products which I think was just a lovely touch 🙂

photo 2-97

I start Jaspers routine by drawing the curtains to make the room dark, I even lit a candle last night! I make sure that his changing mat is ready with a warm snuggly towel over it, steps 2-4 and a clean nappy.

I also get the DVD ready to press play. I do all of this as Jasper gets grouchy when I take him out of the bath because he has developed an absolute love for the tub!

photo 1-100The organic baby wash smells lovely and you only need a small squeeze of it to mix in the warm water. As Jasper’s so little he wouldn’t benefit from the fun of bubbles, plus it’s suppose to be calming down time so not being too bubbly is great.

Like I said, this boy loves the tub now and the last couple of nights around 7 he’s started crying until I’ve put him in it. He then coos away smiling while trying to dip his mouth in the water haha

Once I’ve snuggled him dry I then pop the nappy balm on his bum (it says step 4 but I like to put it on before I forget) and then I follow the massage routine on the DVD using the organic massage oil. You only need a small amount and it warms up nicely in your hands to be extra comfy for bambino.

photo 5-44

The DVD has a number of sections:

  • Playtime
  • Abdominal Massage
  • Common Ailments
  • Legs and Feet

I follow the ‘relaxation’ routine which even has a pickle bubba called Jasper in the demonstration!

It works from legs to arms, front to back and by the time I turn Jasper over he’s usually well on his way to snoozing – in fact the other night he fell asleep!

photo 4-61

Jasper particularly likes having his thighs rubbed and when I lay him on his front he focuses on the screen which is a nice way to soothe him off if he’s not already at snooze level!

photo 3-73photo 2-98

The next step is applying the organic soothing lotion which is my favourite of the products. It smells delicious and makes his skins feel super smooth; which for a bambino with dry skin isn’t actually that easy to achieve!

photo 3-72

By this point Jasper is usually (I say usually warily as he can often surprise me with his ‘wide awakyness’ )so relaxed that I can give him a top up feed and pop him straight into his moses basket.

I really can’t rave about Tiddley Pom enough; I’ve reviewed a lot of organic products but this has to be my absolute fave. I love everything from the packaging to the mood that Jasper slips into when in his spa zone. The only negative for me is that I don’t have a lifetime supply *hint hint* haha.

If you want to give Tiddley Pom a go, which I highly recommend, then you can find them in a variety of stores including Boots (who will be exclusively selling the Spa Experience Set), Harrods and Debenhams. You can also vidi their website where you can also watch the full massage routines!

Here’s to a relaxed and scrummy smelling bambino!

Thanks for reading xxx

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  • Dianne
    2nd July 2014 at 8:21 am Reply

    Sounds like a perfect way to finish off his busy day x

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