The Toddler Room Fear

Jasper turned 19 months yesterday and apart from the terrifying realisation that he’s actually closer to being two than one now, that also means a huge step for him at nursery.

I knew when he joined that at around 18 months he’d move on up to the toddler room; a natural progression of course. I knew they’d wait until he was ready and settle him in slowly so when he first started this was never a worry for me, I guess I was more focused on him settling in well in the baby room.

As he turned 18 months though I suddenly realised that he’d be moving up any day now and I honestly thought, if I don’t say anything they won’t either haha. I panicked! It’s not a big deal, I know it’s not and I certainly don’t want Jasper to think it is but oh my god it’s SUCH A BIG DEAL! I’m doing that crazy mum thing now, where I worry and overanalyse and I have good reason I tell you!

Well last week his wonderful key worker Lauren broke the news to me; I think she saw my heart sink a little and reassured me he’d love it and would be settled in slowly up until Christmas and then he’d start a fresh in his new room along with some of his other buddies that would move up too.

I had a little cry in the car then pushed it to the back of my mind, but today when I dropped him off, I was told he’d be having his first settling in session and as excited as I am for him, my anxieties are at an all time high.

Although Jasper will be in the same building it’s a new room; I won’t walk in at 1pm to see him laying on the little dog bed fast asleep or cuddling up to one of the wonderful ladies he’s grown to love and trust. I’ll walk right past that room, longing to go in for a chat and straight into the toddler room – dun dun dunnnn.

This of course means a whole new room of exciting toys and activities to play with; a new spot for an afternoon snooze and new wonderful ladies to cuddle up to for Jaspy.

Oh my goodness he’ll have a new key worker, I’LL  have a new key worker! What about my Lauren? Who will be sending me updates and sharing my excitement for his development?  Every single one of the ladies in the baby room adores Jasper, they’re so proud of what he achieves and I know his new ladies will be the same but Jasper will I’ll miss those baby room ladies!

There will be new kids, bigger kids! I know Jasper loves playing with his older cousins and brother but what if these big kids don’t let him catch up or think he’s too small to play? I know he’s probably outgrowing the babies that are a lot younger than him and it will be the best thing for him to be around older kids to learn from but ahh please don’t knock my baby over when you’re running around!

It’s just all so scary. He settled so well into the baby room, his transition form being around Muma all of the time to being at nursery two mornings a week went so smoothly. I know that he’s such a well adjusted boy and will just rock it but a part of me feels like I’ve cushioned him in this false sense of security and now the rugs being pulled from under him and he’ll be completely out of his comfort zone – completely irrational and ridiculous I know but that how this crazy obsessed muma is feeling and I just can’t help it!!

Muma’s please tell me it’s going to be okay? Tell me what I already know but apparently need constant reassuring of!

How did your little one transition to the next stage? Was it a big deal for you? 


Thanks mumas x


  • Dianne
    30th November 2015 at 2:34 pm Reply

    You will worry about him going to infant, junior, senior schools, college, uni, his first job, his first girlfriend etc etc etc. when a baby is born they hand you the baby and a whole bag of worry x

    • Jessica
      1st December 2015 at 9:22 am Reply

      Oh god so it’s not getting any easier then? haha

  • Jo
    30th November 2015 at 7:37 pm Reply

    Hi Jess.

    I am in the same situation with my daughter at the moment. I dropped her off last week and her key worker pulled me to one side and mentioned the transition – it is a big deal for us mamas that’s for sure. On the spot I was quite cool with it however once I had left the building the tears came – where has my baby girl gone?!? The transition is going to be talked about more this week at parents evening so I just hope I can control the tears.

    Ps love reading your blogs and watching your vlogs your lads are perfect x

    • Jessica
      1st December 2015 at 9:23 am Reply

      I hope you feel more relaxed about it once you speak at parents evening; I think its just such a shock that they’re growing up so fast isn’t it?

      Aww thank you so much, they’re perfectly imperfect I like to say haha

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