It’s August 7th and  although me and Pete said that we would wait another week or so to take a pregnancy test I had this sudden urge to go out and do it today! I was only a few days late but for some reason I just had a really strong feeling that I might be pregnant, I can’t explain the feeling it was just as if I knew.

Me and Pete had the ‘if it happens it happens’ kind of take on it. We loved each other and even thought we’d only been together a short time (a really short time) I think we just knew that we were serious. It wasn’t like I was really hoping for a positive, or a negative for that matter; although I did have a weird feeling that if it was negative I would be disappointed … wishful thinking maybe?

Anyway, Pete was going back to the UK for a week to visit his little boy Rhys, and all of a sudden I couldn’t wait any longer to take the test! After work I smuggled it into the toilets at the gym feeling like I had a bomb in my pocket and when I peed on the magic stick there it was … in black and white (just a little bit faint) … we were pregnant!

the beginning

I messaged Pete straight away and he couldn’t believe it … in a good way! That’s exactly what he kept saying ‘I can’t believe it … really? I can’t believe it’. He was so excited he met me at the front door for a big cuddle! We did another test together, not because he didn’t believe me but I think he felt a little left out that I’d done it on my own and wanted to be a bigger part in the excitement.

the beginning

Having him away from me and having to keep our news a secret for a week has been killer but I can’t wait for him to get back so we can start planning our little bumps arrival and how we are going to reveal the news to our friends and family!

This is the beginning of our amazing journey and I can’t wait to document it all on here!


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