At 33 weeks pregnant I’m feeling a little fed up if I’m honest. Don’t get me wrong I still want to be pregnant forever; I don’t want this baby boy to come out any time soon and I’d put up with how I’m feeling for twice as long if it
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  • 32 weeks pregnant
    Every time I open up a new post to write a pregnancy update I feel a little flutter of excitement. At 32 weeks pregnant the time is still zooming by which is why this past week has had a major pregnancy focus – we’ve gotten lots done and ticked off
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  • BabyBond 4D Scan
      On Tuesday myself, Pete and Jaspy headed to Babybond for a 4D scan. It was at the same private clinic where we had our 9 week scan so I knew it was lovely and would be a wonderful experience. This is something I’d had on my bucket list from day dot
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  • I want to be pregnant forever
    ‘I want to be pregnant forever‘ isn’t a saying you hear very often is it? ‘Get this baby out of me‘ and ‘I’m sick of being pregnant now‘ seem to be more common phrases among us mums-to-be but I rarely hear women talk about how they wish that their pregnancy
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  • 31 weeks pregnant
    Okay this past week has literally flown by. At 31 weeks pregnant the time is really galloping now and I feel a slight panic every time someones asks me how far gone I am – especially when I’m met with ‘ooh not long now then’. I know 7 weeks and
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  • 30 weeks pregnant
    Okay, I’m in the 30’s! I’m now officially on the single digit week countdown (unless he’s late of course!). At this stage we don’t have anything big planned, no holidays or weddings – it’s all about making the most of our life as a family of 4 and getting prepped for
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    At 29 weeks pregnant I’m well into my third trimester and almost at the stage of counting down the weeks in single digits! Looking back on the whole pregnancy I feel like I found out I was expecting an age ago but at the same time it has gone super
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    Oh my, I am officially in my 3rd trimester at 28 weeks pregnant! Shiz just got real! I can’t believe the countdown is on, I mean it’s always been on but I feel like it was a build up before and now it’s really counting down the days/weeks. The biggest
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  • Maternity Swimwear
    Finding stylish maternity swimwear was never an issue when I was pregnant with Jasper. My first trimester was spent living in Dubai but as my bump didn’t start to really show until much later in my pregnancy when we moved back to the UK, I never had a need for any. I
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