• Staying Local
    Quite often when I’m giving tips to other mumas for things like staying positive, being organised and just generally surviving motherhood I find myself offering the same piece of advice – try something new. Now of course I stand by this; pushing out of our comfort zones and venturing to
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  • 7 month update
    Oh me oh my 7 months … actually 7 months doesn’t seem quite as scary as 6 months. I guess 6 months was a big milestone, half of a year and all but 7 months just seems like a little more … not a lot more if that makes sense?
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  • I let things slip
    I let things slip. Sitting on the sofa with a screaming Jenson who was desperately trying to get something, anything out of my boobs I suddenly realised my milk supply had gone. I looked up to a messy living room, cereal still on the table from breakfast next to a half
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  • We’re struggling
    Each stage of parenthood is as beautiful as the last but oh my goodness are they also as difficult. Crawling is wonderful because you don’t need to carry your baby all of the time but then they’re into everything and you secretly (or openly) wish they were newborns again; staying in
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    This is a concept I’d never heard of before. When my friend asked me if during this pregnancy I’d made my feeding box yet I assumed it was either a box full of nursing pads and nipple creams or a box of pre-prepared meals for the early manic days; maybe
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  • Lonely mum life*
    Mum life, whether you have a tribe of five or are expecting your first baby, can be a really lonely one. Yes when you have a baby you’re inundated by visitors cooing over your sweet newborn and for many this continues; with weeks full of play dates and a well
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  • Making me time
    One question that I get asked A LOT; is how I make time for me. This is something I’m not sure I’m particularly qualified to answer as I’m the worst at prioritising myself over kids, husband, housework, work etc but it’s something I do know the answer to. I know
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