Hello you lovely lot! Well something that I’ve not really spoken about on here too much is my breastfeeding journey. I spoke about the early days and I’ve uploaded a couple of videos on my Youtube channel but most of what I’ve documented you’ll find over on the Lansinoh website
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  • First week of breastfeeding
    This is a post that I was going to scrap because it’s quite late now … okay it’s very late now but I thought that it may be interesting to anyone at the beginning of their breastfeeding journey or later stages of pregnancy. I wrote about my first week of breastfeeding in
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  • Breastfeeding products
    We’re one month in with breastfeeding and although it hasn’t all been smooth sailing I’m really pleased with how it’s currently going. With Jasper I managed around 8 weeks after a bout of mastitis, late diagnosis of tongue tie and a lack of  a clue from me so to be
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    This is a concept I’d never heard of before. When my friend asked me if during this pregnancy I’d made my feeding box yet I assumed it was either a box full of nursing pads and nipple creams or a box of pre-prepared meals for the early manic days; maybe
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  • Breastfeeding survival kit
    I don’t know what gave me the impression that breastfeeding would be a piece of cake but if you check out my 1st week of breastfeeding and mastitis posts you’ll see that it’s been rather a roller coaster for me and Mr Squish! We’re still not there yet but I
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