Stylish bibs for a dribbling babe!

Jaspy has become quite the dribbler. His tops were constantly being whipped off and changed for new ones. If it isn’t drool it’s food or milk so a bib is kind of a staple part of Jaspys day to day wardrobe.

As he is my little mini fashionista I wanted some different bibs to the standard Asda 3 packs; so when Funky Giraffe got in touch and asked me to select a few bibs to try – I did a little jig!

IMG_3813 IMG_3814 IMG_3822 IMG_3819 IMG_3817 IMG_3823

How adorable are they!? I had a budget to work to otherwise I’d have chosen the whole range – they have soo many fab styles on there!

The last pic of Jaspy in the basket (I had to) is a bamboo bib which is perfect for cooler weather, however I loved the colour so it can be a year-round item!

The rest of the bibs are 100% cotton with a fleece backing which stops the dribble from soaking through.

They also have this additional piece of material at the top around the neckline which I THINK is for comfort?


They all have double poppers to make them not only more secure but also adjustable.IMG_3828 IMG_3829

I just went back on the website to check some details out and saw the cutest one with hedgehogs on! I’d put it on Jaspys Christmas list but they’re so cheap anyway I think I need to just buy it. The prices are around £4 per bib but get cheaper the more you buy. I ended up with 6 bibs which would have come to around £18 total!

You can also make personalised bibs and they have some new Christmas ones which are kind of a must I think!

Where do you get your bibs from?

Thanks for reading! xx


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