Stokke Sleepi Mini Review

Stokke is a brand that I’ve always lusted after but until recently I’ve never owned anything by. I’ve always loved their style and spoke recently about how much I learnt about the brand at a fab event me and Jenson attended.

I learnt about how there is actually more logic behind the alternatively styled products that make Stokke who they are; and one piece of baby equipment that I was really amazed by was the Stokke Sleepi. 

The Sleepi is an oval shaped crib which I thought was purely to be aesthetically pleasing but there are actually so many benefits to this shape. Firstly there is research to show that a rounded crib can help babies to sleep better as it provides a nest for them not dissimilar to the curves of being in a mothers arms.

Rounded cribs are also beneficial because they’re space saving; can be placed anywhere in a room and look especially gorgeous in a corner or the centre of a room unlike a rectangular crib which can only really work against a wall. This also means they make it easier to access your little one as you’re not restricted to one side.

Without any corners a rounded crib is much safer for baby plus there are no sides or corners for little one to get stuck in.

Well those are the benefits of a rounded crib; now onto the Stokke Sleepi. As a 4 in 1 crib it evolves to suit the needs of your little one from birth to 10 years and beyond! 

The first stage – the Sleepi Mini, is designed to be babies first crib from birth to 6 months. Then, with the Stokke Sleepi bed extension kit it converts into the Stokke Sleepi suitable from birth to 3 years. When little one gets to the climbing stage you can then take the side down for them to get in and out of bed with ease (a life saver for a mamas back!)

This is where a cot beds life span usually ends but Stokke believe strongly in products that grow with our families and make a real effort not to create products that are designed to be thrown away after a certain age or stage has been reached. You can then use the Junior Stokke Sleepi extension kit to turn the crib into the junior bed, lasting your little one until they’re 10 years of age!

Once this stage has been outgrown the bed can even be taken apart and turned into two chairs – amazing!

At 10 weeks old Jenson is in the Sleepi Mini and oh my goodness I just wish we had it from birth as it’s the most beautiful crib I’ve ever seen. It is made from beech wood and comes in four different shades – white, natural, walnut and hazel gray. We opted for the white as We haven’t quite finished decorating our nursery yet and I wanted it to go with any nursery decor. I’m so pleased with my decision as it is so so gorgeous! 

The cot was really easy to setup; I would have done it all myself had I not had to feed Jenson half way. The instructions were really clear but as a typical bloke Pete didn’t use them and managed to finish it off just fine!

The cot comes with lockable wheels making it super easy to move it from room to room which is perfect when I’m pottering around cleaning or want to move him into my office while I work. 

It also comes with a drape rod for a canopy which I’m considering buying however for now we have a little garland mobile that he loves to stare up at and reach out to. 

The mattress is height adjustable, an essential cot feature when your little one starts to roll and pull themselves up to sitting! At the moment we have it on the highest height which makes getting him in and out so easy but we’ll soon drop it down a level as he’s so close to rolling and it’ll just be a matter of time before he pulling himself up! 

There are loads of accessories that you can buy to go with the Sleepi including cot bumpers and bedding like the gorgeous natural print featured in the pictures above.

What’s also very cool is that the crib slots perfectly next to the rounded edge of the Stokke Care changing table and desk; another stylish and space saving plus!

Favourite parts:

Gorgeous appearance – fits stylishly in any room of our house!

Easy to move around – even Jasper can push it around when the wheels aren’t locked!

Grows with the family – it may be on the higher end of the price scale at £445 for the Mini but as something that sets you up for your child’s bed until they’re 10 and beyond it’s so worth it!

The only downside I can see is that you can’t really buy rounded bedding from mainstream stores so you are limited to either Stokkes range (which is gorgeous) or bespoke stores that may be slightly pricier. Stokkes range of bedding for the Sleepi comes in either plain white, the ‘aqua straw’ print featured here or ‘coral straw’ which is the same but in lovely coral tones. I absolutely love the aqua straw print because it’s so minimalistic and scandi style! We have some artificial eucalyptus which I’m making into a garland to go on the wall in Jensons nursery and I think it goes perfectly with this print!

The fitted sheets are elasticated all the way around for a very secure fit; and are 100% soft cotton Oeko-Tek standard; so perfect for even the newest of bambinos!dsc03191
dsc03194 dsc03212

The sleepi range also comes with gorgeous cot bumpers, one to fit the mini and another for the  larger size. It comes in white and is a gorgeous linen material which is super soft and cosy. It attaches easily to the bars of the crib using ties and what’s really handy is that it’s angled at one end so as to be higher for babies head giving them that extra protection and then lower at the foot end to support air flow. I think it gives a real air of cuteness and makes the crib look a little royal with it!dsc03211 dsc03200 dsc03199

I absolutely love the Stokke Sleepi Mini and will definitely be buying the extension kits to keep up with Jenson as he grows. I also can’t wait to see it turned into two chairs once he’s outgrown the bed completely; I’m sure this will be one piece of furniture that stays in the family for generations to come!

Have you tried anything Stokke? What would you recommend?

Thanks for reading!

Jess x
* We were kindly sent the Stokke Sleepi Mini for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own

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