Staycation with Bon Prix

Now that the wedding and house move is over and life is a little more ‘ahh’, we’ve been loving all of the relaxing family time we’re having. Playing in the garden, going for long walks and filling our days with smiles and laughter has become heavenly after months and months of crazy, hectic, to-do list filled days.

I feel like I’m finally living mum life, not constantly checking my phone for blog related emails or calling wedding suppliers; I’m watching Japser run around and smile, I’m melting while watching Pete reading the boys their bedtime stories and I’m feeling the fresh air against my cheeks.

I’m adamant that I want to capture these moments, the simple beautiful smiles and embraces of my family; so I was really pleased when the lovely team at Bon Prix got in touch to see if I’d like to pick a few items from their holiday range to style myself an outfit for one of our family filled days.

Bon Prix have some really stylish and affordable outfits. I’d never shopped with them before but found it trick to narrow down my basket! They have a wonderful range of clothing and accessories for women, men and children but I did decide to spoil myself and just pick up some mummy pieces!

The first item I chose was this bold African Bead Necklace. It retails at £12.99 and is the perfect way to add a pop of colour to a plain top. I love a statement necklace and this is one I’d wear all year round as I think it’s an all season kind of colour. bon

The next item I chose was this pair of Cotton Summer Plimsoles which are £14.99. Yes I’m brave going for white, especially with Japser but I’m just a sucker for a crisp white pair of shoes. They do come in navy and red also and they are super comfy! Perfect for those ‘too cold for sandals, too hot for boots’ kind of days.


Lastly I picked this Dipped Hen Blouse in white for £14.99. Again, I braved it with white but I just miss wearing it so much and I figure as long as I have baby wipes and my whits about me, I should be able to avoid sticky finger marks.

The top has a lovely two layer effect which is nice when you’re having a bloated kind of day. It’s loose and cool and perfect for running around after a chubby bambino like Jaspy.

I’m really pleased with my items I chose. I’ve worn the plimsoles pretty much religiously since I got them; they’re quick to slip on, they mean I don’t have to worry about my unpainted toes and they go with most daytime outfits!

The top and necklace can be worn for both daytime and evening outfits so I know I’ll get a lot of use from them too!

If you want to check out what Bon Prix has to offer then head over to their site now; there are also lots of other fab bloggers sharing their styled outfits so do check out their blog for some inspiration!


Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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