SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib Review

When I had Jasper I never really knew about co sleeping. I remember my midwife asking if I was planning on doing it and not really knowing what it meant, I just said no. I had the swinging crib that was mine as a baby; my mum had spruced it up with a fresh coat of paint and a new mattress and that was going next to my bed. I loved the closeness of having Jasper within arms reach and honestly thought I had the best next thing to having him in bed with me. That was until I learnt about bedside cribs. There are a few on the market but the one I saw most frequently was the SnuzPod and the fact that it attached to your bed frame with one side coming down was just amazing to me! Of course by the time I’d learnt about this Jasper was already out of our room and in his big boy cot but I put it on my ‘next baby’ list with no doubt in my mind that it would be right for us.

Well when I fell pregnant with Jenson I’d been working with the wonderful Bump PR for some time with various brands that they cover and when the email popped up in my inbox asking if I’d like to work with their client The Little Green Sheep (makers of the SnuzPod) I practically shouted at my computer YES YES YES!

The SnuzPod has a 3 in 1 design meaning that not only can it be used as a bedside crib when attached to your bed frame; but also as a standalone crib and a bassinet. So far, two months into use we’ve only used it as a bedside crib so I’ll focus on that but to give you a bit of an idea of how the other two functions work; here’s a little more info:


Standalone Crib

The SnuzPod can be used away from your bed as a standalone crib. This makes the transition to your babies nursery so much easier as you can simply detach the crib from your bed and move it into their own room without having to try to settle them into a new bed. The SnuzPod has a rockable stand meaning you can rock baby off to sleep gently in this mode.


The top part of the SnuzPod lifts off of the stand so that it can be moved around the house. This saves you purchasing a separate moses basket although I will say it is quite heavy and not something I’d be able to carry around too often so I do still have a moses basket.


So far Jenson has slept in his SnuzPod every night since we got home from hospital and I now make sure to pop him in there during the day for his naps as I’m starting to establish more of a routine with him. The crib is height adjustable (7 heights) to match your bed and is attached to the frame under your mattress via thick straps for added security. Jenson sleeps in his Sleepyhead which fits perfectly inside the crib. He likes to feel cocooned when he sleeps and I did try swaddling him and placing him in the crib on it’s own, but he’s such a wriggler he just broke free and his arms flew out to the sides like a spider monkey! dsc00380

The stand is made from sturdy wood which as mentioned is curved to be able to rock when in standalone mode but is stationary when attached to your bed. It has a handy canvas shelf underneath for storage which is where I keep spare blankets, muslins and a sleep bag for during the night. dsc00678dsc00676

The bassinet part has three sides made from canvas material and then one mesh side which goes next to your bed. This is see-through so that you can see baby during the night but the best part of it is that it zips down on both sides to allow it to lay completely flat on your bed. This means not only can you reach in to give baby a cuddle, check their temperature or in my crazy mama ways – check that he’s breathing (am I the only one that does this?); but it also makes it super easy to take baby out for feeding, cuddling or nappy changing in the night. This is so amazing for us mamas as in the middle of the night when pretty exhausted we want minimal effort and the fact that you don’t need to sit up let alone get out of bed to get your baby is wonderful (especially if you’ve had a c-section). It’s also fab for baby as they are less likely to be woken too much as they stay close to the warmth of their bed and straight onto the warmth of their mother without being lifted up into the cold air. *When in bassinet or standalone mode there is a rod that inserts into the top of the zip down mesh panel to make it more secure.


The SnuzPod comes with a luxury quilted foam mattress which has a machine washable cover – major plus and is made from OEKO-Tex 100 Standard Class 1 (Baby) certified materials, guaranteeing against any harmful chemicals or substances.

  • We were also kindly sent the following accessories:
  • SnuzPod essentials pack which contained the SnuzPod Storage Pocket that attaches onto the side of the frame and can be used to store nighttime essentials like nappies, wipes, nipple cream, hand sanitiser and more. It also included two super soft cotton mattress protectors – £44.95
  • Crib Bedding Set in the Rootin’ Tootin’ print which includes two Fitted Sheets and one Reversible Blanket – £34.95
  • Matching reversible Baby Blanket – £22.95dsc00675


Jenson definitely senses the closeness with me using the bedside crib as even if he’s in a deep sleep as soon as I get into bed he starts to stir. He doesn’t wake, it’s as if he smells me or hears my heartbeat and then drifts back off, settled knowing that I’m there. He doesn’t do it to Pete so I know it’s just a mama thing rather than me being noisy getting into bed. He also self settles quite well; occasionally he’ll wake not because he’s hungry but maybe because he’s heard a noise and after a little snuffle about he drifts back off and I’m sure this is because he knows I’m right there next to him.


Easy to set up – simple instructions

Beautiful range of colours available – seven shades including Natural, Eco-White, Dove Grey, Espresso, Sherbert, Blush and the one that I went for – Putty

Make night feeding so convenient

Safest way to co-sleep

3 in 1 saves on buying a separate cot and a moses basket

Handy storage

Promotes bonding


Bassinet is probably too heavy to carry around as a moses basket alternative’ but if only needed to be moved occasionally it would certainly be fine

I’m not sure how easily Jenson will go into his own room after being so close that he can smell me (not a con for the SnuzPod but for co sleeping in general)


Have you tried the SnuzPod or any other bedside crib? How did your little one sleep?


Thanks for reading!

Jess x

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