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I’m never sick. Like never ever. I’m not one to come down with the flu or have colds, I’ll have a migraine or a random 24 hour blocked nose but things just don’t seem to last with me. That was until this pregnancy. Okay so having Jasper lowered my immune system slightly, especially when he started nursery but never have I been so sick as I have been being pregnant whilst having a toddler. It’s been blady horrible!

It’s safe to say that Netflix, along with lemon tea, blankets and my mum, has been an absolute life saver the past couple of weeks while I’ve been nursing a flu that turned into a chest infection -poor me I know!

You may not know this, as I’m a little slack on posting about my experiences but I’m a Netflix ‘stream-teamer’. This basically means that I get the inside scoop on all things Netflix and chill and often get invited to fab launches and events – sometimes even meeting cast members – swanky I know! Now I talk about Netflix a lot, in person, on Insta, just generally when people ask what I do when Jasper goes to bed, but I didn’t realise how blady much I rely on it until I got sick and was bed bound for what seemed like an eternity.

It has also been a wonderful life saver for Jasper who has also been poorly and spent many a lazy morning in bed with me – trying to comfort a sick toddler, while being sick yourself and trying not to share germs is tricky let me tell you!

So I thought I’d share with you what we’ve been loving to watch on Netflix, in the hope to help you establish your Netflix and chill … and also prompt any suggestions of new shows you may have for me!


Mum time – For the times that Pete is out at boxing or down the pub, Jasper’s asleep and I just want to catch up on my stories. They’re trashy, cheesy and mostly old but oh my do they help me switch off and unwind.

Gossip Girl

Orange is the New Black

The Returned


How to get away with murer


Us-time- For lazy snuggle nights in bed when going out for dinner or being anywhere but bed is just too much effort.




Jaspy and Rhys – For all those mornings that this Muma needs an extra hour in bed and Netflix is the only distraction for the little ones.

Harry the Bunny

Peppa Pig


Ben and Holly


Baby Genius


Jasper and Rhys’s list is actually endless but these are their go-to programs. I’m sure we’ve watched every kids character Netflix has to offer but being that there are so many series and episodes they never seems to get bored and I’m yet to go crazy listening to the same theme tunes over and over again!


What are your go-to Netflix shows? Throw me your suggestions please … I sense another cold coming on!


Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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