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Carbon Monoxide poisoning is something that I’ve heard about but I’ve never really understood. I knew it was dangerous and I knew I needed that little white alarm in my kitchen but I never actually thought about the impact it could have on my family.

I worry about someone breaking in at night, I worry about Jasper overheating during the night but I’ve never worried about that little white alarm going off. So, I’ve teamed up with the national campaign Project Shout to not only share with you the importance of Carbon Monoxide awareness but also to tell you how you can be prepared for your family.

Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer, it deprives the body of oxygen and is capable of killing in minutes. Initially, oxygen starvation leads to flu-like symptoms, mild exposure can cause slight headaches, vomiting, fatigue, nausea and long term organ damage and disease. Prolonged exposure will cause drowsiness, severe headaches, confusing and a quickened heart rate. Extreme exposure, and by this I am still talking a matter of minutes, will cause convulsions, cardiorespiratory failure, unconsciousness and death.

Main sources of Carbon monoxide are boilers, fires and cookers but it can also be found in clogged chimneys, barbecues, portable generators, cigarette smoke and more.  Although everyone is at risk, those with heart and respiratory problems, pregnant women, the elderly and children are most at risk.

Project Shout have also teamed up with Stacey Rodgers, an extremely brave and inspirational woman who so sadly lost her beautiful son Dominic to Carbon Monoxide poisoning at the tender age of 10. Stacey had never heard of Carbon Monoxide let alone bought an alarm and her story ended tragically. She has since set up the Dominic Rodgers Trust to help raise awareness and is a driving force behind the Project Shout campaign.

The first step to being prepared is going out and buying an alarm, they are so inexpensive and easy to set up. Have your appliances checked regularly and if you think they aren’t working probably then go with that hunch, don’t want and see what happens. If you want to learn more about the dangers of CO poisoning and how you can be aware and prepared then head over to project You’ll find loads of useful and life saving information as well as other life stories including that of Louise Aspell who although had a new boiler installed, still called the gas man when her alarm went off. Luckily she had acted when she did as there had been a fault and high levels of CO were present in her home.

Please don’t delay, a quick pop to the shops or next day delivery on Amazon is all it takes to ensure your family is safe from Carbon Monoxide.


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